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Category: Interview

Episode 01-17: Let’s Do Astro-Therapy-Sex (ft. Six)

This week, Jhen is diving in DEEP with Intimacy Doula & Resident Sexologist & Sex Astrologer for Clone-A-Willy, Six.Six is also the host of the Astrology Sucks podcast which you can find in all the places AND she READS JHEN FOR FILTH! Sham escaped.You can find Six on twitter...

Episode 01-09: Penny Dreadfuls with Throuples (ft. Katrina Jackson)

For this week’s episode, Jhen recorded alone because Sham was unavailable but she was able to do a lovely interview with author extraordinaire Katrina Jackson to talk about Non-Monogamy and Romance. They also discussed a bit of Katrina’s upcoming work and had a bit of a laugh about wanting...