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Bonus: Meet Sara and Sherry from APG

On this special Bonus episode, Jhen talks to Sara & Sherry who work in APG Support about how they got started working for Altplayground and some secrets to come. I did have to edit some portions that we weren’t quite allowed to share the details about BUT we can’t wait for it to be announced!

Wanna know more about our guests?

Sara is the lucky bastard that gets to call APG’s Sherry her fiancee. She’s from the Caribbean and is an LGBTQ activist and Youth Parliamentarian She has spent her time working in multiple capacities, from Sales/Marketing Manager to a COO but am now with AltPlayground because she is passionate about the lifestyle and have always wanted to be more involved. In her free time, she is either obsessing over crafts, her rabbits, or her fiancee, and as a Taurus, food is her addiction, so she has a busy schedule of eating, working, and loving.

Sherry is a Caribbean born international student currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in finance in Canada. She has been working freelance in a myriad of administrative positions for about 3 years and that led her to Altplayground, the bonus that she was already very interested in and involved in the lifestyle. She is passionate about creating safe and informative places for POC in the kink/BDSM/ lifestyle, freedom of sexual expression and the LGBTQ community.

Where can you find Sara & Sherry?

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