Happy 100 Episodes !!!

Episode 01-01: Who The Hell Are We

Hey Guys, Episode 1 goes live today and we are so happy to start this journey with you.

Like we’ve said before, we don’t pretend to be experts and know everything (or even anything really) so we’re gonna be sharing definitions etc that we used in this episode here along with other random stuff.

This chart has ALL sorts of information on non-monogamy and where different labels and situations fall.
  • Sham is a straight cis man
  • Jhen is a pansexual cis woman
  • We’ve been friends a for over a decade and both practice non-monogamy
  • We’re both from the same island and the Caribbean (we’ll let you guess where)
  • Dan Savage came up with the term “Monogamish” and he also has a great podcast called the Savage Lovecast. He also has no idea who we are
  • Psychology Today is one of MANY MANY people talking about non-monogamy and relationships but here is a link to one such article.
  • For our definitions we tried to go as dictionary as possible so we used the Oxford Dictionary and Urban Dictionary because why not.
  • You don’t know who Usain Bolt is? Crazy. Look him up! He’s only like the most famous sprinter of all time.
  • Agent Sasco is a Jamaican dancehall artiste
  • Blueface is some kind of rapper I hear. He has one song everyone knows and appears to consistently rap off beat.
  • The Big Bang Theory told us all who Stephen Hawking is right? Sheldon loves the fuck out of that guy but I don’t think he’d like sex clubs.
  • What even is Akon doing this day? Smack That is still a bop though along with I Wanna Fuck You and Hypnotized.
  • We’re gonna try to get the episodes out on Wednesdays! Not officially on Apple Podcasts and a couple other sites yet but hopefully by next week we’ll be all over everywhere.
  • Will also be uploading the episode later today on Soundcloud for those of you who follow there.