Happy 100 Episodes !!!

Episode 01-10: The Justice League is Ghey & Poly

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  • Disclaimer: Jhen does NOT apologise for any controversial shit she says in this episode. She said what she said. End
  • This episode focuses more on comics and other fiction books and fanfiction. We make mention of a resources section with non-fiction works about Polyam and Non-Monog which will be up and coming very very soon.
  • Can we talk about how we all know Superman and Batman have a thing with Wonder Woman or nah? 
    • It’s definitely canon and must be sanctioned because Batman is out here making babies with Catwoman/Talia and Superman is with Lois and WonderWoman is out here shtupping both Batman & Superman. We all know it.
    • Here is the link to the fan drawing of batman/wonderwoman/superman
    • Yes we know their relationships also take place in different timelines (like the SuperWonder relationship is from a timeline where he isn’t with Lois but Jhen doesn’t care)
    • Wonder Woman was created by a doctor who had a wife and they had a gf and he took aspects of both of them to create this wonderful little character. We’ll be talking about the movie based on him – Dr. Marsden & The Wonder Women – on a future episode.
  • Gail Simone’s Secret Six comics: Scandal Savage has a polyamorous marriage with Knockout & Liana. The wiki on this character is here.
  • Kimchi Cuddles Comic Strip talks about alternative relationships like poly
    • This huffpost article uses a lot of their comics for this.
      • Jhen is also sorry she butchered the name
  • Oh Joy Sex Toy– here are some of the comics about polyam
  • Girls With Slingshots (this is a panel Sham has mentioned before) is about polyamorous relationship
  • We love us some Urban Dictionary so here is the definition of the term Polycule according to them
  • Katrina Jackson and Jhen kinda discussed about fanfiction in the previous episode
    • Jhen has a very interesting history with fanfiction but has never written a poly one despite having written a Charmed one and an Everwood one and NO she will not tell you her fanfiction.net name.
    • Jhen has MANY feelings about Harry Potter and HP Fanfiction
    • This is the link to the great tweet about fanfiction
  • These are a couple of the non-fiction titles that will be in our resources page
  • This is a Good Reads List of some Fiction books with polyamorous relationships
  • Jhen can ALWAYS take this back to Romance so here are some authors who have written this sort of romance