Happy 100 Episodes !!!

Episode 01-11: Cuck Cuck Coo

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This week we are talking about PORN. The detailed show notes can ONLY be found here. Detailed meaning we include some porn links. That’s a thing.

  1. We talk about how we were introduced to porn and what type of porn we watch now
    • You learn a LOT about us. Like, a lot.
    • Here is the lesbian orgy video we mention
  2. Here is the pornhub statistics links for the year 2019
    • Non-monogamy porn did NOT do that great but we’re still in the top 20 so yay?
  3. We talk about “weird” porn such as armpit porn (bagpiping anyone?) and pregnant cucking porn
  4. Black representation in Porn
    • Ebony is in there but it seems all fetish like with Blacked and Queen of Spades porn etc
    • Rent – a – dread sex work phenomenon in Jamaica
    • Need more Jamaican/Caribbean porn like a better version of RudeJam
  5. Sex Tapes/Amateur porn
    • Would you make a poly sex tape? Let us know on the socials!

Xoxo. Byeeeeeeeeee. See us next week when we talk about non-monogamy in music.