Happy 100 Episodes !!!

Episode 01-12: Mate & Mate Nuh Fight

This Episode we are talking about non-monogamy and polyamory in music. As always, we would appreciate it if you Rate, Review & Subscribe! Follow us on twitter @monogamishpod and follow us on the web page for detailed show notes

  • First we talk about the Dancehall Matey Culture vs Hip Hop as it relates to what the artistes sing about and what is reality and how the general public relates to this music.
    • Dancehall: “Me like Mi Mate” by the QUEEN Lady Saw aka Marion Hall
    • Hip Hop: “Area Codes” by Ludacris which we have talked about on a previous episode
  • These sorts of things have popped up more in Soca recently 
  • Here are some other songs that have to do with non-monogamy and polyamory! You decide how you feel about them, we’ve already told you everything about how WE feel – 
  • What other songs do you know about non-monogamy? Tweet us to talk about that shit!
  • We rambled a bit at the end. It’s okay. You love us! Xoxo Byeeeeeeeeeeee