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Episode 01-13: PolyHoliday

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  • This week we are talking Valentine’s Day with some other holidays thrown in.
  • Sham isn’t getting Jhen a Valentine’s day present and she knows it. He ain’t getting shit either.
  • HERE is the NPR link Jhen mentioned about the origins of Valentine’s Day
  • Some debate about whether side chick day is Feb 13 or Feb 15 but who really cares
  • Neither of us have anything specific holiday poly like 
    • Sham is a mushy mush re: VDay
    • Jhen does not remember anything really
      • Jhen loves New Year’s! It’s her fave holiday
  • Jhen kinda references stuff from this article
  • This is the first one Jhen officially mentioned
  • Jhen talks about Poly Weekly podcast and references this episode
  • Reddit does have everything
  • Bustle Article with great stuff
  • Poly Pretzels Valentine’s Day tips
  • Sham looked up some best gifts to buy for your Poly Valentine’s Day
    • Group activity/experience to create a memory specific to the meta – trip to a new place, group massage/spa, crafts class, knit a blanket together(reddit)
    • Matching clothes/jewelry or a set of 3 – necklaces, bracelets, pajamas, underwear, 
    • A keepsake representing the couple for the unicorn to keep
    • Photo album of shared experiences
    • Photo album of shared experiences, best for unicorn to give a sense of belonging
    • You get the usual stuff for your main boo
    • THESE gift options from The Triad Book website were dope