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Episode 01-16: Kiss Me Thru Facetime

Howdy People,
This week we talk about LDRs and some great tips and tricks to maybe keep one going.
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Further to this conversation, we’ll be doing an interview with a non-monogamous couple we know that is in an LDR which we will hopefully be posting before the next episode.

  • LDR in general comes under fire quite a bit with people believing it will never work out
    • Jhen has been in them before
    • We both know people who are currently in a non-monog LDR situation
  • These are the links to the articles and videos we mentions
    • Psychology Today article by Elisabeth Sheff
    • Jay Shetty video about LDRs in general
      • Jay also has a podcast that’s great stuff if you are into that sort of thing
    • Multiamory Podcast covered LDRs in this episode.
    • Elite Daily has an article on Open LDRs also right here
  • We are pro sharing details with your partner as long as that’s what you both want
  • Managing jealousy? Check out Episode 3 of the podcast where we talk about this
    • It would be great if the partners who lived closest to you were okay with you prioritising time with visiting ones. We both are on board with that.
  • Tough Question: Are you only in non-monog because of the distance or if this is what you really are? Is your partner?
    • What do we do about this? How do you handle it? Tweet us some answers!

Xoxo. Byeeeeeeee