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Episode 01-17: Let’s Do Astro-Therapy-Sex (ft. Six)

This week, Jhen is diving in DEEP with Intimacy Doula & Resident Sexologist & Sex Astrologer for Clone-A-Willy, Six.
Six is also the host of the Astrology Sucks podcast which you can find in all the places AND she READS JHEN FOR FILTH! Sham escaped.
You can find Six on twitter @blackwomencry and on her website here.
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  • Sham was unable to record the actual interview but he’s definitely on the books if Six is available to talk to us again.
  • Intimcy Doula-ing is a thing.
  • Here’s the link to the tweet Six posted about using her menstrual blood to water her plants
  • Six & Jhen had some deep conversations throughout the entire process/
  • Six talks about how she became an Intimacy Doula and what led her to that (via being a sex astrologer)
  • Six discusses her Hogwarts letter and how she became an astrologer in the first place
  • Six currently identifies as Queer and Non-Monogamous
  • The websites Six mentioned for proper birth chart tests are as follows
    • Cafe Astrology is for the basics. See link to do your birth chart here
    • This is the best website to do a birth chart according to Six – astro.com
    • This is the dating app/friend finder that requires you to put in your chart/do a chart – say hello to NUit
  • What is Shibari? Check out THIS definition by Kinkly
  • EVERYONE is gay in witchy and astrolgy ish. You actually have to come out as straight – paraphrased by Six the Sex Astrologer. She knows what she is talking about
  • Jhen and Six talked about SO MUCH SHIT it is ridiculous.
  • Here are the Clone-A-Willy instructional videos. Definitely worth watching

According to her website, Six is a Miami based Sex Astrologer and Intimacy doula that promotes sex-positivity and self explorations with astrology. Six offers workshops,  consultations, and partnerships that encourage individuals to seek, obtain, and maintain meaningful relationships and connections. Through various means of connecting with clients, BlackWomenCry’s work helps clients feel seen, validated and understood. 

She also has a Masters in Social Work (Specialization, Contemporary Social Issues) and a Bachelor’s in Psychology (Minor, Biology) and is planning to pursue a doctorate.

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