Happy 100 Episodes !!!

Episode 01-02: Celebs, Normies & Jhen’s Ever Expanding Dream Throuple List

Hey Y’all. Episode 2 is live right now! Here’s some info on what we talked about today.

  • I am absolutely allowed to have multiple dream throuples no matter what Sham says 😝 – Jhen
  • The Kardashians are basic TV that neither of us watch so whatever
  • Tristain Thompson’s family is Jamaican so you KNOW he got cheating down to a science.
  • People hold celebs up on a pedestal so it’s interesting to watch how others accept what they do Vs what’s “acceptable” in everyday life.
  • Jidenna’s interviews
  • Thomas Middleditch article about how swinging saved his marriage cause sure
  • Nico + Bethany articles xoxo
  • Harper’s Bazaar Article about celebs in open relationships is here
  • Jada and Will were on 2 episodes of RTT talking about their life and marriage and she also reference some stuff on the episode with Esther Perel. They refer to themselves as “life partners” and being in a life partnership. Here is an ET video about it
  • Red Table Talk Throuple Episode link is here
  • Ludacris used to make BOPS and Area Codes is one such one – https://youtu.be/sTUU4JqFykM
  • Who has a village ram in their family? Was it your daddy/granddaddy/uncle out there fucking all the bitches in the community making babies?
  • Money does NOT determine whether or not you are “allowed” or can be non-monog
  • Matey = side woman of your man
  • Jim Screechie = side man of your woman