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Episode 01-20: Love In The Time Of Coronavirus

Hey Ishes! (Is that a thing? IDK but i’m making it a thing – Jhen)
Thank you so much for sticking with us in the time of the plague!
We apologise once again for not putting out an episode last week but we are back again with a vengence!

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This week, we’re talking about how we are adapting in these quarantine times and how we’re making this quarantine life work for us. We reference several articles in this episode in addition to our own personal situations and trying this new work from home/life balance thing.

  • So…we’re all in quarantine and working from home and self isolating and the world is literally imploding due to this modern day version of the plague. HERE is a fun article about being stuck with your least favourite partner.
  • Love Languages: Physical touch isn’t that high up on Jhen’s list so she is doing just fine in these quarantine time despite not haven’t hugged/touched another human in like a month. It’s high up on Sham’s list so he is thriving right now with the wife.
  • Sham & the wife are thriving really.
  • Jhen and Sham went over the different relationships in their lives: family, friends & romance and talked about whether or not this isolation/quarantine times are helping strengthen them or if they are unchanged/worse.
  • We also discussed how non-monog/polyam lifestyles have been and could continue to be affected by these quarantine times.
    • Definitely depends on what kind of non-monog you practice
  • Here are some questions that came up during out discussions and reviewing some articles/videos on the topic.
    • Single? Does it make sense to be on dating apps right now knowing you can’t meet up?
    • Dating apps are doing their best to help people through these quarantine times but how will you translate this relationship into the real world after quarantine is over when we are all literally gonna be trapped inside forever (Yes, I wrote this one. IDK – Jhen)
    • How do you make your relationships work if you aren’t quarantined with any of your partners?
    • How do you make your relationship work when you are only quarantined with one partner but have others out there in the wild?
    • How do you your relationships work when you are unexpectedly quarantined with a partner?
    • Do in person relationship rules apply to online dating and cyber sex in these quarantine times?
      • How can some rules be translated into this new space?
      • Do previously established “online communication” rules still apply when there is no chance for in person communication?
        eg: No Cybersex rule, only in person hookups but…there are no in person hookups right now so what then?
      • What are the virtual orgy rules for relationships? Not allowed to open one person’s screen in a virtual orgy?
  • Here are the links to the articles, podcast episodes and videos we used to discuss this topic
    • This article from Vice has personal anecdotes from people working through this time.
    • Here’s a link from The Guardian talking about choosing who you quarantine with in this time
    • Kat Blaque posted THIS YouTube video asking if polyamory is viable during the pandemic
    • The article from The Print talks bout how the pandemic is killing non-monog’s sex lives especially if you like sex parties/clubs & dogging.
    • The Cut talks about what it’s like living with a couple when you’re only dating one of the people
    • Insider has a polyamorous relationship expert discusses what she is during in this time and her advice to her client.
    • Bustle asks how COVID-19 is impacting polyamorous relationships
    • On last Monday’s episode of the Whoreible Decisions podcast (Ep 160 ft. Miss Cory B from Never Have I Ever Podcast) Cory mentioned a virtual orgy. The entire episode was great so here is the SoundCloud link to that.

Thanks so much for rocking with us!