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Episode 01-22: Polycule Me Please

This is part 2 of the 2 part episode series on Love Triangles in Movies, TV Shows, Books, Comics, Cartoons and Anime that we think would have been better served by Consensual Non-Monogamy or Polyamory.
The links to the articles we mention in BOTH episodes are below but we do not speak directly to them.
Special thanks to Kevin Patterson & Alana Phelan for helping to inspire this topic through their IG Live where they talked about their For Hire series as well as THIS tweet about fanfiction taking care of polyam better than shitty canon love triangles.
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Links to articles we discuss in both episodes:

  • Movie love triangles from Marie Claire
  • EW’s 15 great movie love triangles
  • Zimbio’s greatest TV and movie love triangles of all time
  • 23 TV love triangles we still have strong feelings about according to Bustle.
  • We are SUPER sad we are missing Carnival everywhere as we LOVE Carnival culture and Soca music
  • Jhen has strong feelings about missing brunch. She has a sad. It’s strong.
  • Jhen talks about her ideas for what she wants from her romantic relationships

Poly news was pretty sad this week. We discussed this family (woman raising a baby with her 4 male partners) on Episode 18 using the article that came out in The Mirror. This NY Post article has the same info about them if you want a refresher.
Jhen found out through reddit that one of the male partners physically abused the baby and she was pretty fucking torn up/pissed off about it. Here’s the article about it

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  • Also it’s okay to not be productive all the time. We are in the middle of a pandemic, chill out.

Ready to continue our discussion of triangles that should have been a throuple or more? Let’s go!

  • Twilight: Bella/Edward/Jacob/Bella’s Baby???
    • Books turned movie phenomenon with a crazy fandom
    • We’re still trying to figure out how Edward and Bella had a weird CGI baby
    • OG Throuple should definitely have existed: Jacob/Bella/Edward would have made so much sense
    • Were you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
    • Did Jacob REALLY need to fall in love with a baby or could everyone have just figured it out? Was that REALLY necessary Stephanie Meyer? It was just a creepy resolution. Debate yuh modda.
  • Vampire Diaries: Damon/Stefan/Elena
    • Books turned TV show
    • Elena Gilbert is the fucking worst. Period. Jhen despises her.
    • OG Throuple/Love Triangle of Damon/Stefan/Katherine deserves special mention
    • Sibling throuples are not a thing Jhen usually endorses but she ships it in this situation
    • Dark vs Light in the Damon vs Stefan thing even though Stefan is the worst brother imo
    • **there is more to the Doppelganger TV storyline that Jhen does not discuss but if you’ve seen the show, you know**
  • Hunger Games: Peeta/Gale/Katniss
    • Book series turned movie trilogy
    • Gale & Katniss have that growing up together thing vs Peeta & Katniss forged in fire. Why not both?
    • Gale turns out to be a dick but it could have worked
  • The Great Gatsby: Daisy/Gatsby/Tom Buchannan
    • Book turned movie starring Leo DiCaprio as Gatsby
    • Jhen thinks the characters are all fucking horrible but throuple it up anyway
  • Bridget Jones’ Diary : Bridget Jones/Mark Darcy/ Daniel Cleaver
    • Book that was adapted into a movie. I GUESS we can kinda see it as a reinterpretation of Pride and Prejudice?
    • First movie triangle: Bridget Jones/Mark Darcy/Daniel Cleaver (2001)
    • Colin Firth (Mark Darcy) played Fitzwilliam Darcy in Pride & Prejudice in 1995 so full circle we guess?
    • Bridget Jones’ Baby is the third movie. Love triangle: Bridget/Darcy/Patrick Dempsey (who really cares what his character’s name is? Jhen didn’t)
    • If the universe keeps putting you in the love triangle, date them both!
  • Love Actually: though card guy was kinda creepy about his obsession with Keira Knightley’s character
    • This is on a list of top movie love triangles
    • If you haven’t seen Love Actually (like Sham) then this is a spoiler like crazy
    • This comes off as super romantic in the movie buuuuut yeah
    • They do not end up together but Sham thinks it could work as a polyam couple
    • Jhen: I feel like Keira Knightley should have taken out a restraining order against this man instead of kissing him but go off sis. ALSO she kissed another man so she is a CHEATER!
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack/Elizabeth/Will
    • Sham does NOT think this counts and so Jhen sets out to convince him
    • Jhen KNOWS Jack and Will are a little gay for each other and Jack & Liz had their kiss and stuff so it’s a throuple!
    • Sham agrees that it could work with the adventures and mentions that Liz & Will stick up for Jack quite often.
    • Consensus: He finally is on the right side and so Jhen reiterates they should do the damn thing
  • Battlestar Galactica (2004): Kara/Lee/Sam/Dee
    • Really you should just watch the series. It’s great.
    • Relationship rundown: Kara dated Lee’s brother then he died. Kara and Lee had a thing. Lee got with Dee. Kara got with Sam. Kara and Lee fuck then she marries Sam. Lee and Dee get married too. It’s a whole thing
    • Side love quad: Sharon (Athena)/Helo/Boomer/Callie
    • Ultimately the Kara/Sam/Lee/Dee thing should be canon
  • Almost every love triangle in Grey’s Anatomy ever
    • Shonda LOVES a love triangle
    • This episode has spoilers!!!!
    • Just watch the show, trust us. Jhen tries to explain everything but it is a hot mess without you having watched the show.
      • Derek (McDreamy) /Meredith/Addison
      • Addison/Mark (McSteamy)/Derek
      • Teddy/Owen/Cristina – Cristina Yang deserves better!!!!!!!!
      • Teddy/Owen/Amelia
      • Teddy/Owen/Tom
      • Teddy’s random Lesbian storyline
  • Scandal: Fitz/Olivia/Jake vs Fitz/Mellie/Olivia
    • More Shonda again
    • Fictional America really should have had their first polyam president and been done with it. We could have had a throuple in the White House.
    • Jhen mentions the Sierra Simone New Camelot Trilogy
  • Dawson’s Creek: Pacey/Dawson/Joey
    • Overall Jhen says: Fuck Dawson. Pacey & Joey are endgame. Period
    • BUT HS them should have been in a throuple
  • Felicity: Felicity/Ben/Noel
    • Why the back and forth? Just be with and love both
  • Gilmore Girls: Dean/Rory/Jess/Logan/Tristain?
    • Jhen believes Tristain is the original Logan!
    • Rory really does have a bunch of guys to choose from throughout the series. It’s on Netflix!
  • Friends
    • Shit should have just happened overall
    • Ross/Rachel/Emily: “I Ross, take thee Rachel…” at Ross and Emily’s wedding. AWKWARD Ross!
    • Ross/Rachel/Joey: Joey/Rachel love story but she chooses Ross in the end
    • Sham says he would have tuned in for a polyam finale. We’re disappointed it did’t.
  • How I Met Your Mother: Robin, Barney & Ted
    • This ending is really fucking horrible. It turned into How I Met Your Mother who died and then dated Aunt Robin
    • Yep Robin/Barney/Ted should have just been the throuple
  • One Tree Hill: Lucas/Peyton/Brooke
    • Jhen mentions the OC for nostalgia and music
    • Dan/Deb/Karen OG love triangle. Deb’s Son = Nathan. Karen’s Son = Lucas
    • Lucas/Nathan/Peyton is the triangle at the beginning
    • Lucas cheats on Brooke with Peyton.
    • Here is the scene where the dog ate the heart
  • Jane The Virgin: Jane/Rafael/Michael
    • D’even have sex and yuh breed. Imagine
    • Jane/Rafael/Michael should have just figured it out from the beginning
    • Jane/Rafae/Petra sort of too
  • Three’s Company
    • The OG show
    • Throw it all away and be a happy family!
  • Younger: Josh/Liza/Charles
    • Liza (pretending to be 26) with young hot tattoo artist Josh and older stern brunch daddy/boss Charles should have just made it happen
    • Can we put Marriage Vacation on the polyam Venn diagram?
  • Death Becomes Her: Madeline/Helen/Ernest 
    • Great Cast: Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn, Bruce Willis
    • This is a macabre yet funny movie that is worth a watch
    • I mean ultimately if the women could share it would have worked out buuuuut well
    • Here’s the trailer for the movie

Thanks so much for tuning in.
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