Happy 100 Episodes !!!

Episode 01-25: The Catchup

Hey Guys,
Another week down. How much longer you think we gonna be stuck the fuck inside? We’re willing to stay inside as long as necessary but a reasonable time frame would be quite nice.
Jhen was a bit…enthusiastic this episode. Did you notice?
We made sure to plug our contacts 50 million times so you wouldn’t forget.
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You may have noticed a Resources page is up on our site? It is a work in progress but we hope to put some proper polyam recommendations in there from TV Shows, Books, Podcasts and more. Give it a glance when you have time and reach out to us if you have any great suggestions.

  • Jhen did a bad thing by introducing the wife to Calimocho.
  • We start the episode pretty much soliciting all the polyamorous People of Colour to reach out to us if they want to be on the podcast. Don’t be shy! Get at us if you want
  • Polyam TV Checkin.
    • Roswell, New Mexico, which airs on CW, has a threesome with a white bisexual alien man (Michael), a white gay man (Alex) and a black straight (?) woman (Maria) & lady loving hookup with Isobel, white alien lady and the white lesbian (?) bartender. Diversity and a couple of queer hookups? Sign me up! Jhen also believes that there should be more threesomes on TV
    • Motherland: Fort Salem, FreeForm’s latest offering, shows a bunch of Beltane orgies, threesomes, lesbian loving, etc etc. Why not watch witches get it on?
    • Siren, also on FreeForm, has our mermaid throuple broken up! Ryn (the white mermaid) is now the HINGE in a love V. This is a big shift from the previous seasons with Ben (white human man) being the apex of the triad featuring him, Ryn and Maddie (black/native american human woman) but Jhen is not THAT mad about it honestly. Maddie has a new boring white man human love interest person who turns out to be a TRANSGENDER MERMAID and that’s just unexpected! Jhen’s more shocked he’s a mermaid than anything else.
    • Sham still loves Trigonometry and is diligently flying back and forth to the UK to get the episodes still. He still maintains it’s the best polyam show he’s ever seen on TV.
  • AITA Reddit is blowing up again. Someone tweeted this and we had some thoughts! Sham gave some great advice on it though so it’s good.
  • There is a Superhead video floating around the TL again where she talks about her relationship with Lil’ Wayne and how her then husband had to deal with her disappearing for Wayne at the drop of a dime. Here’s the link to the tweet we discussed.
  • Rebel Carter’s Gold Sky series is great and Jhen loves the romances in there, especially the throuples. Here is a link to the GoodReads page so you can see all the books in order.  They should all be in Kindle Unlimited too!
  • Ashley Paige the domme posted this hot af clip on her Twitter and it is HOT and very NSFW! Jhen is very open to the scenario. Sham has questions about the gimp mask.
  • Jhen posted on the IG page solicitng people who are open to being on the podcast and got reached out to by a white couple saying they would love to be on and well…we say everything we have to say about that on the episode but the summary is, we are trying to only have people of colour on the show and currently have no interest in having white guests on.

That’s pretty much the show!
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Until we meet again.