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Episode 01-26: Are Black People Allowed? (ft. Black Poly Pride)

This week’s episode comes on a special day ! Happy Saturday!

There is no Black Poly Pride town hall this week BUT we got the co-founders right here for an interview! You can find them on Instagram, Twitter, Patreon, Facebook and on their Website.
Cheri and Chanee are dope queer, black, polyamorous women who have created an awesome space for black polyamorous people and have welcomed Sham, myself and the Jamaican delegation in with open arms!
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Let’s start off by talking about the fact that TRAPEZE IS OPENING! Like what??? We both agree that it is absolutely irresponsible to open clubs and have parties at this time, especially clubs with sexy times? Like….what? Atlanta opens this weekend but Fort Lauderdale is actually delaying opening. Thank the goddess. Just….no guys! NO!

  • Sham is still boosting Trigonometry.
  • Jhen is confused with the direction of Siren but still watching.
  • Jhen has met some people through the Black Poly Pride online event “Are Black People Allowed?” and has been connecting so ayyyy.

This conversation with Cheri & Chanee was AMAZING! Chanee’s birthday was also on Thursday so it was dope to get to talk to her before that. We shared this on our IG stories also! TELL HER HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If you are a black, polyamorous person you should also be following Black Poly Pride on all their social media things and join the Facebook group! There are some great discussions that happen on there and you can be a part of a community.

  • Cheri and Chanee think they aren’t famous…we know it’s a lie but we let them say these things
  • The media poaching BPP presenters is WILD but not surprising.
  • Black Poly Pride 2020 was supposed to be in DC at the beginning of June but it has been rescheduled until 2021 due to COVID
  • Da Rona and the postponement of BPP 2020 led to them creating the online event “Are Black People Allowed?” for the community. Jhen has talked extensively about it before so y’all know. The virtual event is POPPING and definitely makes us wanna go to BPP 2021. GIVE US MONEY SO WE CAN GO!
  • Note: Cheri & Chanee are BOTH AVAILABLE so slide into their dms
  • Apparently Philly has Black Pride which was news to us but sounded dope
  • Chanee blames Cheri for them creating Black Poly Pride 2019 because it was just supposed to be a pool party and then it kind of…blew up
  • The Poly Cultural Diversity Alliance (PCDA) was created because while trying to get hotels and stuff for Black Poly Pride (BPP), those hotels were not giving them the time of day with the name BPP soooo PCDA was born.
  • Ruby Bouie Johnson, creator of Poly Dallas Millennium (which was cancelled for 2019) really supported them!
  • They started planning BPP in March 2019 and the event happened in July 2019! Talk about fast!
  • They like to reach into the local communities to help co-host events for the conference
  • Photos from BPP 2019 are on their website
  • Chanee calls out the polyam conference organisers who lack diversity in their lineups. Blatantly. We love to see it.
  • Conference accessibility is still a thing and so online events like this make it so much more available for people and could also give them insight into what an in person event is like
  • The next BPP “Are Black People Allowed?” online event will be on May 30th! We will share the flyer for that when it is up of course on our social media pages.
  • Cheri & Chanee are planning a retreat, Rona willing, in October at a cabin mansion in Tennessee.
  • Here are some bits and bobs about each guest:
    • Cheri
      • Queer and Kinky and Poly and has never been monogamous!
      • Comes from a large Muslim community in Philly that practices polygamy which led to her exploring and understanding this lifestyle
      • Practices what could be classified as Solo Poly but believes in the fluidity of identifiers
      • “Black joy is just as important as black healing and black progression”
      • Handles: Instagram & Facebook
    • Chanee
      • Queer and Poly and has been openly both of those things for a decade
      • 13 year old Chanee had 2 boyfriends who knew about each other but grew up not knowing non-monogamy was a real choice until she was in her 20s.
      • Has a 5 year old who is being raised in a household with 4 parents: 3 moms and 1 dad
      • Considers herself non-hierarchical/egalitarian and she explains what that means in the episode!
      • “Who all gon’ be dere?” – Ancient Black Parable. Used in context of polyam spaces lacking diversity
      • Handles: Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

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