Happy 100 Episodes !!!

Episode 01-27: Jhen & Sham’s Monogamous Reunion

Whew! That was fast right?
We’re back again with our latest episode and it’s just us two!
We go through our TV catch up before we dive a bit deeper into our non-monogamous journey, where we are now and what we want for the future.

We ARE going on hiatus soon for a a few weeks to get some rest and get some new great content together for you guys but we will let you know when exactly that is going to happen.

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  • The TV Catch Up
    • Motherland on Freeform
      • No sexy orgies or threesomes. It was more about sisterhood and stuff? IDK
    • Siren on Freeform
      • Not as much emphasis on the polycule, definitely more mermaid mom, human dad and mermaid baby stuff and the rest of the plot moving forward. Season finale is on Thursday
    • Everything’s Gonna Be Okay on Freeform
      • HERE is the link to the trailer for the episode we talked about.
    • This Blood and Water on Netflix
      • Thanks to friend of the pod KCS for recommending this show
    • Harley Quinn
      • HERE is the scene with Harley and Posion Ivy kissing
      • Kite Man? OKAY Poison Ivy. If you say so.
      • *we devolve a bit to talk about an old Batman movie afterwards*
  • The conversations we’ve had with guests made Jhen us want to dive back into the history of monogamy for us and the ideals imprinted on us when we were younger. We also talk about the work we had to do to change those and our lives now and what we want in the future. We asked each other some questions and we summarise the answers below.
    • Did we even know what non-monogamy was outside of cheating etc?
      • Sham: Polygamy, threesome porn gangbang porn
      • Jhen: Sheikh romance novels (Jhen thinks it was in the 90s buuut she didn’t look this up and it’s probably wrong lol) Queer As Folk – Brian & Justin forever!!!!
    • Did we have any non-monogamous leanings as children?
      • Sham: Never occurred to him as an option. Baby Sham was shy <3
      • Jhen: Shared a boyfriend with her then best friend in 2nd/3rd Grade. There was even a marriage pact!
    • We both recapped our journey into ENM and polyamory from monogamy onward
    • How it feels finding black ENM spaces?
      • Jhen: “Feels like coming home in a way? I knew there were other black people out there who practice polyamory….being connected to them makes me happy.”
      • Sham: “It’s a real thriving community and I feel a part of it”
    • We both want to go to these spaces in person! Sham was a bit more “If i get a chance to” but Jhen was very “Hell Yes”
    • We spend a lot of time in Monogamous spaces now, do we inject our ENM experiences into those spaces to make it more inclusive?
      • Jhen: Tries to normalise the conversation if we’re talking about dating and stuff
      • Sham: More private than Jhen but if there is space for the conversation then he would say it. Otherwise, he isn’t trynna be that guy.
      • *this turns into a conversation about work and friendships*
    • Our society is very conservative, can you ever see a time where we can truly live openly in JA and not just in pocket environments AND would you then come out?
      • Jhen: Hopeful for full acceptance but who knows and…yeah i’m out so whatever.
      • Sham: Can see us being Jamaican accepted which is “Mi nuh really support it but do yuh ting” If it was accepted, he would tell people.
    • Could you talk to your family about this?
      • Jhen: Anyone who needs to know, knows. It’s not a secret and she’s made peace with losing people who don’t understand
      • Sham: Not his old-school dad or judgy sister but his mom and cousins, maybe.
  • Jhen talked about CAMP which is one of the best musical related movies ever. Here’s the trailer
  • Upcoming events: 
    • “Are Black People Allowed?” is coming back on 05/30
    • Our appearance on DRTY Talk with Delilah is coming up soon! This is the post for her episode this week where they talk about polyamory. 05/27 at 8:30 CST.

That’s all she wrote folks!