Happy 100 Episodes !!!

Episode 01-29: Monogamish Minisode

Ahoy Mateys!
(Pirate mateys, not MATEY mateys but big up to y’all too)

Welcome to another episode of Monogamish where Jhen dazzles you with the show notes despite this episode being much shorter than they usually are these days. That’s because we are going to be on Dirty Talk with Delilah tonight! Tune into Delilah DuBois’ IG to watch us talk about the pod and polyamory. We’re on at 9:30pm EST/8:30pm CST (JA Time)/6:30pm PST.
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  • Sham went back to work this week! Jhen thinks this sucks
  • Jamaica is reopening. Tourism is vital to our economy and all but neither of us are really happy about it.
  • There was a little kerfluffle on JA twitter where a rapey dude accused people of thinking he was rapey and claimed that he was innocent or something? *rolls eyes* Lick dog will holler! If you fling stone inna hog pen, di one weh squeal a him get lick
  • Jhen has decided that talking about Harry Potter is relevant to the podcast because there is great polyamory in HP Fanfiction. Debate yuh modda. This becomes relevant later when we talk about why J.K. Rowling is a fuckhead.
  • Jhen is still dating people. Look at her being all accomplished and shit. She’s also been cooking to show off that she is wife material.
  •  We are on Dirty Talk with Delilah tonight!!!!! Check us out on Delilah’s IG LIVE tonight at 9:30pm EST/8:30pm CST (Jamaica Time)/ 6:30pm PST
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  • We were on Delilah’s IG Live last week where we talked about Racism and Race Relations in the US. Here’s the link with our bit.
  • Black Poly Pride’s online events might be back this Saturday! Here’s to hoping it is. Jhen kinda misses everyone.
  • Sham watches TV too guys! He gave a quick run down on the *SPOILER ALERT* open relationship in the series. Check it out on Netflix
  • Jhen has been watching The Great on Hulu and there are some awkward bits but it is full of non-monogamy.
    • *We really do need someone to explain why the aunt is masturbating to a statue though*
  • JK Rowling is a fuckhead TERF. Jhen is VERY passionate about this but here are the receipts!
    • The start of JKs bullshit
    • When Jhen said she was reading one tweet…she meant she was reading everything on the bullshit thread. Jhen was very upset. Sounded kinda rambly but we decided to leave her raw, unedited thoughts.
  • #BLM 
    • ALL Black Lives Matter 
    • We deserve to live and thrive and not be fucking murdered.
    • Jamaica had it’s own mini uprising this week. We have our own injustice in Jamaica, it’s not all beaches and rum & coconut trees.
    • Justice for Breonna Taylor. Donate to her family’s GoFundMe
  • Here is DRTY Talk With Delilah’s Youtube Page where she uploads the videos later.
  • Jhen brags about her linktree skills! She’s amazing.

And that’s the show!!!!! See you guys tonight on IG!