Happy 100 Episodes !!!

Episode 01-30: Dirty Talk with Delilah & Hiatus

Hello Peeps!

We were on DRTY Talk wit Deliah DuBois last week and so we have the recording from that conversation here for your listening pleasure if you missed us on the IG Live.
THIS is the link to Delilah’s YouTube where she posts the videos. You can also see the video still on IG TV on her page and the link to that is HERE

We also want to tell you that we are going on a brief hiatus after this episode. *cues boos*
We will still be recording content and may have some super special episodes that will drop during this period but we will be back in your ear holes on August 5, 2020.
Hopefully the world will be less implodey then.

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  • The bulk of this episode of course is the audio interview with Delilah but we did have a bit to say otherwise.
  • Sham did accidentally talk while on mute. It was a light moment so we decided to keep it in cause why not.
  • Jhen has watched season 2 of Dating Around on Netflix and in Episodes 3 and 5 there were some polyam mentions. Jhen has issues with this show for reasons but it’s definitely worth mentioning.
  • There was a fun Next reference Sham made which…for all you weirdos who did not watch dating shows on MTV, it was one of those. Here is a YouTube link of some moments from it. The show was problematic af in hindsight buuuut yeah.
  • While on Netflix, Jhen noticed this show called 3 Wives 1 Husband and there are some thoughts and questions. Also….17 kids?!?!?! Seriously my guy? Okay.
  • If you meet Sham in person, PLEASE ask him if he is like that guy on 3 Wives 1 Husband!
  • Jhen gives a brief update on her dating life because why not be 100% transparent about everything.
  • She was on a panel on another podcast and we will share the links for that. Tentatively that will be out early July so we will post the information about that as soon as it’s official.
  • Sham gives an update on what’s happening in Jamaica and what’s going on with his work and life with the wife.
    We will definitely have the wife on a bonus episode of the pod in the near future which will be on our Patreon. We will let y’all know what’s going on there
  • Y’all listened to the Dirty Talk Episode! Tell us what you think on our Twitter!
  • We do get deep after the interview and talk a bit about Breonna Taylor and about the Black people being murdered by the racists and police officers.
  • Yes…I am trying to bribe you with my boobs and Sham is the best bra we will ever have.

NOTE: Our Trans brothers and sisters are murdered by other Black people too! Homophobia is rampant in the Black community. We need to do work within the community too.

We really wanna thank you so much for the continued support as we get our fledgling pod off the ground. Much Love!

Until next time! Xoxo