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Episode 30.5 (01-31): Mothering, Poly and Work ft. Kyisha

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  • Jhen and Sham have a long conversation about the August Alsina, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith situation. Well, Jhen rambles a lot and says things.
    If you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea what we’re talking about, here’s a link to a snippet of the interview
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  • Yes, Jhen jumped the gun a bit with trynna get the intro in before we even talked about what the episode is about LOL
  • We sat down and have a conversation with Kyisha Williams who is an actress, filmmaker, public health professional, mother AND is polyamorous. *whew*
  • You can find Kyisha on Twitter, Instagram, Patreon, her website and you can also send her some moneys on the PayPal.

“Poly was not something that i chose, poly chose me.”

Kyisha Williams
  • Jhen met Kyisha through Black Poly Pride’s online event “Are Black People Allowed?” and after a couple of conversations knew she had to have her on the pod and Sham had to go with it.
    • We big up Cheri & Chanee who we had on Episode 26 and Alicia aka Polyamorous Black Girl who we had on Episode 24.
    • Kyisha is an overachiever. LIKE…obvi.
    • Came out to her parents as queer at 15/16 and as poly at 21
    • Big up all the sex workers!
    • They’ve been practicing non-monogamy for 16 years and officially using polyam as a title for 12 years.
    • They’re Solo Poly but not married to it, just is the way it is right now due to MILF life. They’re open to whatever feels good and consensual. She calls it processing *lol*
    • Didn’t we all have that husband/wife/long term life partner as kids?
    • Kyisha tells the story about her relationships in non-monogamy from the beginning – high school.
    • She’s dating long distance while in quarantine and is open to dating more local Toronto boos, especially if they have a car.
    • We dive into the Public Health professional part of her work and how that ties into her work with prisoners.
    • We make a beautiful segue into talking about her work as a filmmaker. The films are about mental health, sex, black people and she does tell poly stories through them.
    • Jhen asked about when Kyisha lost sight of her vagina while pregnant, yep. She did.
    • Kyisha believes in being thoughtful about who parents
    • introduce into the life of their child and there needs to be a level of commitment being in each other’s lives even if you break up BUT she also believes that kids are resilient and can learn about how people ebb and flow from your life.
    • We get deeper into what it’s like to be a poly single mother and dating in general.
    • We talk about Kyisha’s kid being brilliant and speaking 4 languages and in full sentences. WHAT?
    • Re: Zee Baybee understanding that momma is poly? Maybe baby gets it, maybe baby doesn’t. They seem to have a good grasp on alternative relationships despite them being 2.5 years old.

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