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Episode 02-01: MonoPoly

Welcome back to Season 2! Hiatus was great creatively for us but we’re happy to be back with you for more weekly content.

This week’s episode is about mixed orientation relationships. What’s that you may ask? Relationships where one partner is Monogamous and the other is Polyamorous (hence MonoPoly cause hey i’m funny).
We play some interview clips from Saint Lala, Adam & Mai and Megan from The Wonder Thots – with Megan Podcast. We also talk about what our super secret person guest who declined to be recorded said. Big up Shady B.

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  • Jhen spends a LONG ASS TIME ranting about a romance novel that she didn’t appreciate how the Monogamous/Polyamorous relationship was portrayed because it ends in the polyamorous partner deciding to be monogamous and just not wanting to be polyam anymore? WTF. If you read romance then you maybe know the series.
  • Jhen harassed asked people on social media to contribute their experiences and was able to have some great conversations.
  • Saint LaLa
    • She dated a monogamous person and it did not work out. He also got shady and bounced and maybe had someone whispering in his ear? Jhen does not approve.
    • We break it down and discuss the double standard (again) about how it’s okay/expected to monogamous people that we cheat but not okay to be consensually non-monogamous.
    • We also mention a bit about the Hall Pass idea we’ve seen with relationships where the man is heterosexual & monogamous and the wife is bisexual and is allowed to go out and have sex with other women at times.
  • Adam & Mai (our first non-poc guests!)
    • **apologies for how low Jhen’s audio is**
    • Adam is VERY supportive of Mai and open to allowing her to go out and explore that and he is just home chilling.
    • Sham draws some parallels between his relationship and theirs.
    • Supportive husbands unite! From afar!
  • Megan from The Wonder Thots – with Megan podcast
    • Megan went from being a monogamous woman dating a dude to a triad. Le Gasp!
    • We talked about her polyam origin story and conflict resolution in a triad.
  • Shady B
    • Shady B is currently navigating a mixed orientation relationship where he is polyamorous and the wife is monogamous which is different from what we mentioned before re: Hall Passes
    • Also WILD that he is openly poly and not just cheating but also yay
    • Jhen goes into details about the conversations she had with him
    • We go a bit into veto power & triggers.
  • What do we think about mixed orientation relationships? Well…they can work but of course everything requires negotiation and conversation and it just might not work in some situations.
  • Jhen is living the solo life in the house and that’s it. Nothing else to talk about here. No life update.
  • We got a great email from a fan that told us how much they liked the podcast so we felt good.

Oh! The article by Gabrielle Smith that Jhen mentioned is HERE

Where can you find our guests?
Saint Lala: Instagram, Facebook
Adam&Mai: Twitter, Instagram, The App she works for
Megan: Instagram, Twitter, Spotify link for Podcast
Shady B is shady with no social media.

Thanks again for tuning in!
One Love & all that.