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Episode 02-02: In The Cut (ft. Ruby Bouie Johnson)

Hey guys!
We’re back with Episode 2 which is an interview with Ruby Bouie Johnson, sex therapist, educator and founder of Poly Dallas Millennium.
Jhen also devotes the top of the episode to her love for Cheri, co-founder of the Poly Cultural Diversity Alliance and Black Poly Pride (featured on Episode 01-26) and casually mentions some topics going on in the world including COVID outbreaks, WAP & more.

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  • Jhen loves Cheri & wants everyone to know.
  • Podcaster Twitter is abuzz with
  • Jhen has also revirginised herself and everyone needs to know that
  • We really are wondering about this social distancing double sided dildo (the artist is working on it)
  • WAP WAP WAP. Love the song and the video. Haven’t seen it somehow? Here is the video.
  • Interview with Ruby Bouie Johnson
    • Ruby starts her interview right out the gate talking about her passions for painting and orgasms. RIGHT OUT THE GATE! Spicy.
    • Ruby wrote the Foreward for Kevin Patterson’s book Love’s Not Color Blind. (Kevin was featured in Episode 01-19)
    • Ruby is a great writer and we’re happy to read her writing on non-monogamy & polyamory and hopefully some erotic fiction by her is in our future
    • We recorded the interview on July 4th and spend a bit of time talking about what 4th of July means to us (absolutely nothing)
    • Ruby hates being asked about her journey in polyamory but she was a good sport and told us her story.
      • She started exploring this in 2010 but wouldn’t have kept with it if the kink aspect wasn’t included in her life.
      • She’s tried swing clubs & sex parties and been the “chocolate prize”
      • 10 years ago, there wasn’t that many online or in person people who were visibly Black & polyam.
      • She started Poly Dallas Millennium and through her work with that, in the queer and trans community, DFW Polyam and Black and meeting Ron Young of Black & Poly, that has opened up her world to more Black polyamorous people.
      • Fun fact: She and Kevin Patterson came out and visible around the same time!
    • Ruby is a Jhensexual. Duh. And also Queer.
    • Ruby is in an “ideological tussle” with Solo Polyamory and Relationship Anarchy and could never be in an hierarchical relationship
    • Ruby put ALL her info out there for people to slide into her DMs. We will not be putting her phone number here but you guys can find her other contact links at the end.
    • Ruby talks about her queerness, growing up in a homophobic household and her journey to understanding herself
      • She admits that she has only taken on the political aspect of being queer in the last 3-5 years
      • Being polyam and immersing herself in the polyam world has allowed her to explore that aspect of her sexuality more.
      • Her erotic self is attracted to dark skinned full bodied femme just so you know.
    • Ruby specialises in sex therapy right now even though she is also like a regular therapist but specifically works in bdsm, polyamory, non-monogamous & kinky spaces right now.
    • Ruby throws some slight shade at other therapists who are maybe not as well versed in topics as they should be and do more harm than good.
      *(Dr. Z is also FINE AS HELL and Jhen has reached out to her to chit chat so don’t worry! She’s not still slacking.)*
    • Ruby also talks about her journey to becoming a sex therapist and the different work she has done in mental health, social work and more.
    • Ruby said she liked Sham better than Jhen buuuut we all know the truth. (WAP WAP WAP)
    • Poly Dallas Millennium (PDM) is in it’s 5th year!
      • It started as a workshop for therapists to educate professionals on BDSM, Polyamory & Kink that she put on with her partner an after that, she branched out into PDM as we know it and her partner went into another direction.
      • It was supposed to be in July 2020 but COVID ruined the plans so it’s online this year! November 6-8! Save the dates.
      • We might be doing a live podcast at the event! Who knows! We’ll keep you guys tuned in for details!
    • Didn’t know Stacey Abrams was a romance author? Here is a website with her work
    • Ruby’s Patreon episode is out now! Wanna hear this bonus episode where we do discuss orgasms? Become a patron today!

Where can you find Ruby?
Poly Dallas Millennium Website
PDM Twitter
PDM Instagram
PDM Facebook
Poly Dallas Millennium is set to take place on November 6-8, 2020 online! Tickets on sale August 15, 2020.
Ticket Link: https://hopin.to/events/pdm-open-to-love

Thanks so much for tuning in. Let us know what you think about the episode.