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Episode 02-03: Labrish (The Catchup pt.2)

Labrish: To gossip or chit-chat
While we aren’t gossiping, we are having a chat about what’s going on in the world of non-monogamy through some articles and tweets the past couple of weeks and sharing our thoughts.

We start off pretty light and looked at quarantine dating terms as featured in The Economist and AskMen. Wanna know about bearfishing, coronalingus, sexually isolating, zumping & the amazing No Scrubs reference we make? This is the place to find it. Jhen also attempts to ban Sham from the the recording due to a Fast & The Furious joke. It didn’t take.

  • Last week we talked a bit about some swingers publicly talking about getting COVID and we are sharing our thoughts on what’s happening in the world. We weave this in with a conversation about sex clubs and parties and what we think about temperature checks as a method of checking if people are infected.
  • The article Jhen talked about in Canada where they recommend using glory holes
  • This conversation kinda leads into a light discussion about safe sex tools like condoms, dental dams, etc.
  • Pretty much we’re staying home and not engaging in sexy times with people at resorts or clubs or really anywhere tbh. Sham’s got the wife, Jhen has her sex toy collection.
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  • Poly Cultural Diversity Alliance (PCDA) who hosts Black Poly Pride & the “Are Black People Allowed?” event that Jhen always goes to, is doing a Cuffin Season event this Saturday! Dating & Networking your thing? You wanna be here with the cool kids. TICKETS ON SALE HERE
  • We dive into post from Medium titled “What It Takes for a Non-Monogamous Relationship to Survive.”
    • It skews to a hierarchical coupled setup (so more Sham and not Jhen) but there are some points in there worth mentioning.
    • We both agree that we wish it was framed in a different way
  • Autostraddle has this help segment on their site where you get advice and stuff and Jhen found this one titled “You Need Help: Can I Tell My Poly Roommate Not to See Her Partners Because of Coronavirus?”
    • Title is pretty self explanatory but we give the highlights of the post.
    • Read it if you wanna see what advice was given but we discuss our own advice and what we think about this situation.
    • We have thoughts. Many thoughts and most of them are not positive towards the person asking for help but we try to be fair. It’s a tricky situation.
  • Advice segment by…us. In collaboration with us.
  • Jhen has written a couple of posts about things. Here is the link to the Financial Accessibility post for online events.
    • Jhen talks a bit more about how online events opens things up to a wider cross-section of people but when we looking at pricing for online events, there is a bigger conversation that needs to be had to make it affordable.
    • Jhen does a lot of math in this episode.
    • It isn’t a simple solution but it’s something for promoters and patrons to consider.

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