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Episode 02-06: Conversations

On this week’s episode, we keep things sorta light and just talk about some articles and things.
We discuss previous episodes and events that have already happened and offer some teasers for what’s coming soon for us on the podcast as well as in the online conference space.

  • The episode starts with us discussing Brad Pitt’s 27 year old girlfriend supposedly being in an open marriage with her 68 year old husband.
    You can read this article here about this. I mean of course it’s relevant because yay open marriage but we do spend most of the time talking about the age difference. Jhen also makes a great Harry Potter reference and what Idris’ dms would look like if he was in an open marriage.
  • Jhen was on Shelf Love Podcast! The episode dropped on September 5th and she interviewed the host (and our pod friend) Andrea about her history in romancelandia. Wanna hear it? Listen to it here. Jhen is hoping to return to talk about non-monogamous romance novels.
  • We do a bit of a recap on the past two episodes and our interviews with Vanilla Rose & Intimacy. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Listen to Episode 02-04 with Vanilla Rose & Episode 02-05 with Intimacy
  • Bless all of you with kids in this trying time cause oooo chile.

To everyone who is doing virtual school and home schooling their kids in this time…everyone who is sending your kids to school…gad go wid yuh cause mi nah go wid yuh. Das why mi nuh ‘av nuh pickney. Dat is why I don’t ‘av children so I don’t ‘av to do dis.

  • Jhen and Sham embarass themselves by not knowing when Labour Day is and what it’s even really about or even when it is in Jamaica? Bwoy…lol. This is just awkward. We do figure it out eventually!
  • The PCDA (Poly Cultural Diversity Alliance)/Black Poly Pride (BPP) had a Happy Hour on Sept. 4th that Jhen went to and it was fun.
  • What’s coming up for future episodes?
    • Next week, we have an interview dropping with special guests talking about consent & the digital getdown/cyber sex. (Digital Get Down, the *NSYNC song was Jhen’s jam). We also reference the new dating terms that we discovered on Episode 02-03.
    • Zach (from Episode 01-28) and Intimacy (Episode 02-05) will be back soon to talk about Kink.
    • Vanilla Rose will be back for a panel some time in the future.
    • Ruby Bouie Johnson will be back to talk to us about Poly Dallas Millennium
  • What’s coming up in the event space?
  • Jhen is aware that we skew a bit towards queer Black women on the pod but don’t worry, we will be bringing up even more amazing guests from all orientations
  • We discuss two articles by Gabrielle Smith and our thoughts on them
  • Jhen does NOT really go out to places, don’t let Sham trick you. She is definitely a homebody.
  • COVID has created some amazing opportunities for us to meet other Black polyamorous people, other polyamorous people of color and even get some amazing guests on the show. Slight positive?
  • We DEFINITELY want to hear your quarantine dating story! Send us a voice message
  • Jhen’s DMS are open. You can find her on her Bookstagram Twitter & Instagram if you don’t want Sham to have access to the messages too, otherwise you can always message us on the podcast social media pages.

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**we apologise for some of the long pauses, background noise and glitches you hear in this episode, technology drama ya know**


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