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Episode 02-09: Public, Private and PDM

Hello Everyone!
On this week’s episode, we talk a bit about pop culture news & things from our previous episodes about consent and what’s to come for the rest of the year. We also play audio from an interview that Jhen did with the co-organizers of Poly Dallas Millennium 2020.

For our weird topic of the week, we talk about OBJ and his scat fetish? This is a couple of weeks late of course. It was on that Thots Next Door/No Jumper thing.
Everything we know about celebrities right now is REALLY against our will.
It kinda feels like this news being put out there is violating consent and some boundaries and shit. We talk about that a bit and segue into the previous conversations we’ve had about consent with Zach Budd on Episode 02-08 and with Pages & Cheri on Episode 02-07.

Jhen also went to Sex Down South online a couple of weeks ago and had an amazing time. She didn’t get to go to the PCDA Consent Summit due to a conflict but heard it was a great time.

Poly Dallas Millennium 2020’s theme is Open To Love.

Poly Dallas Millennium 2020. Nov 6-8. Open To Love

Jhen interviewed Ruby Johnson, CEO & Founder of Poly Dallas Millennium and Charita Marie, co-organizer of Poly Dallas Millennium 2020.
They talk about the history of PDM, what previous stagings have been like and what will be happening this year.
The audio is in the episode directly but if you want to see their beautiful faces, you can watch below.

September 30th is the LAST DAY to get the discounted tickets for PDM’s 2020 staging. Want to get those tickets on the cheap? Buy your ticket TODAY at bit.ly/open2love

If you are a vendor who would like to put your products in front of the PDM audience, just contact Ruby directly or you can register through the link above.

Some people who are going to be presenting at PDM 2020: Dr. James Wadley, Marla Renee Stewart, Evita Sawyers, Jetsetting Jasmine & King Noire.

They’re all about accessibility at PDM so fret not, a good portion of these presentations and workshops WILL be recorded and so people all over the world who have registered will be able to access them.

Want to know where to find our guests?
Ruby: Twitter, Instagram, Email, 2143996286
Charita: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Poly Dallas Millennium: Website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

**We also apologise for any background noise in any part of the episodes**

Jhen and Sham give a couple of secret updates for what’s to come including our ideas for Kinktober and Jhen Month aka November where she will be commandeering all the episodes to talk to romance novels and books through a non-monogamous lens.

Jhen also has a new podcast venture called The Blachelorettes which she hosts with her other pod partner Lex. You can find them everywhere you get your pods but start on Twitter, Instagram and Anchor.

Jhen is also trying to start a group chat for Whoreible Decisions listeners who are from the Caribbean! This was a drunken idea but heeey. Hit her up in the dms on the Monogamish Pod Instagram so she will make that happen.

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