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Episode 02-14: Black Poly Romance Is Dead?

Jhen takes over the entire month of November and encourages the discourse on BOOKS in celebration of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). We’re definitely talking to romance authors and other bookish people about non-monogamous representation and kick it off with Katrina Jackson!

You might remember Katrina from Episode 01-09 and Jhen continues that conversation but asks a different question: Why are there not a lot of Black non-monogamous romance novels?

Where can you find our wonderful guest?
Katrina Jackson: Twitter, Instagram
Brandy Bush: Twitter, Instagram
Buy signed copies of Katrina Jackson’s books from her payhip store!

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  • We start this episode giving an update about feelings related to the election and Jhen is HELLA honest about what’s going on with her including that she just celebrated a birthday on November 1st!
  • Jhen really was embarrassing with the “clicky clicky and get a ticky ticky” LOL. HELLA embarrassing.
  • Jhen and Katrina start this conversation off with a BANG talking about Aladdin & how animated movies and series have turned us into monster fuckers. No lies detected honestly and we do have snacks.
  • Non-Monogamous and Polyamorous romance novels aren’t really out here in the mainstream and they have a lot of weird politics around men needing a woman to be less gay
  • Jhen attributes this book to Nicola Davidson…it was Megan Mulry – Bound To Be A Groom (see the Goodreads thingy here)
  • There ARE a lot of assumptions that are made about Black readers and what they do and don’t wanna read, especially when it comes to queer and other “unconventional” relationships.
  • There IS a lot of homophobia and transphobia that I personally have seen in some Black indie author’s followings and it absolutely rubs me the wrong way (obvi this is Jhen)
  • Katrina drops some BARZ (did I use that right?) about some of the things that take place in the indie space.
  • 2020 has really had people out here showing their asses. Honest to Jah.
  • There is a highlight of 2020 with this Jack Harbon (he of the perfect nails), Rebekah Weatherspoon & Jodi Slaughter wig competition?
  • We segue into talking about Rebekah Weatherspoon’s Beards & Bondage series which is all amazing. Harbor is the final book in that series and it features a polyamorous romance! Black Closed Triad with a wedding at the end.
  • Jhen also says some controversial stuff about Black characters having “white people careers” and we unpack that a bit.
  • Jhen and Katrina talk about their reading habits and the kinds of books they read
  • Jhen talks about Katrina Jackson & Brandy Bush’s polyam books and some of the goodness there.
  • Link to the quote Jhen shared from Brandy Bush’s book “The Roommate”
  • Passion Jonez did come out as Polyam! Here is the Youtube video
  • As always, we come back to Harbor <3
  • Jhen gushes quite a lot about Katrina’s stories Neighborly & Room for Three?
  • Katrina gives us a sneak peak into Chante as Asif’s story and how they are both pansexual AND polyamorous
  • Jhen talks a lot more about why she doesn’t like triads much in romance, etc anymore
  • Katrina gives us some insight into how she wrote “Pink Slip”
  • Jhen throws Kat completely off and asks for recommendations. It does not bring out a lot of them.
  • Jhen has read some of the books she mentioned. She has thoughts that she will not share here…check us out on Patreon for that
  • Yes Jhen and Katrina have this “debate” every time she says both characters have to be Black in a Black romance because Jhen is literally always talking to people who don’t write polyam romance. Katrina trynna be all inclusive. Yuck *jk*
  • We do talk about how difficult it is to write a sex scene with multiple people. Also, in real life it is difficult to manage all the limbs when having sex with multiple people
  • YES Jhen was just volunteering people up for work and Katrina was like no, not me – also IRL Jhen is open to being a beta reader and sensitivity reader for non-monogamous work!
  • Jhen talks about why she loves ARCS and behind the scenes things
  • Katrina talks about how her work has grown and changed with the support of non-monogamous people like Jhen & Corey Alexander (RIP Corey) and how she takes it seriously.
  • Well, it’s Jhen with a tangent again and she goes from place to place which includes people’s ideas about non-monogamy and her best friend
  • Kat recommends a polyam books by Kit Rocha! It’s a part of a whole ass extensive series (The Beyond Series). Shout out to the bisexual love army!
  • Jhen been telling Katrina should have just called it Brandy’s Bush and she wasn’t listening!
  • Jhen still has not finished making the graphic btw as of 11/26/20. Just saying lol. It’s on the list!

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