Happy 100 Episodes !!!

Episode 01-05: Is This Real?

This week is all about Non-Monogamous relationships on reality tv.
Jhen has lots of interesting ideas about this and Sham just kinda rolls along with it.
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  • Can reality dating shows be considered some kind of polyam/non-monog relationship? Jhen thinks so!
    • Jhen’s Thoughts – How is this more socially acceptable than actual non-monog relationships? You come into this scenario knowing the lead is kissing, being intimate and probably fucking other people before they pick you. It’s not realistic to expect feelings don’t brew especially on shows like The Bachelor where the final 4 ladies introduce the guy to their families and then the guy sometimes asks their parents “permission” to marry them. You have to be okay with them being “open” before they pick you and then what about the real world after?
  • The BEST Bachelor show is Bachelor in Paradise
  • Flavor of Love is the best dating show ever because it gave us Tiffany Pollard aka New York.
  • How did we go from Surreal Life to Strange Love to Flavor of Love? Flav & Brigette is still a weird pairing.
  • Teacha’s Pet is the second best dating show. The girls on that shit were wild and random.
  • Vybz Kartel aka Addi aka The Teacha aka Worl Boss is currently in jail for murder & thing but still releases music
  • This is the theme song/music video with the girls.
  • Teacha’s Pet: Conjugal edition would be hilarious
  • Link to Episode 1 of Teacha’s Pet
  • A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila came out in 2008 and she was like this Myspace/Playboy model who claimed to be bi but then it turned out to be fake
  • Polyamory: Married & Dating came out in 2012 on Showtime but there were SO MANY SHITTY polyam relationships. Can’t even go into them all.
  • Seeking Sister Wife & Sister Wives both come on TLC
  • The black couple on Seeking Sister Wife are hoteps but Jhen remembers how shitty the husband was to violate the rules with the first person on the show they tried to date (flight attendant he was intimate with her behind the wife’s back despite the rules they had in place). Cheating Sucks
  • We have never Sister Wives but this of course came in the wake of Big Love and it’s popularity on HBO at the time. Mormons stay winning
  • Real Sex on HBO was more of a documentary TV series and it was fucking great. we learned a LOT about a lot of things on that late night tv. Skinimax and all.
  • Are You The One is Sham’s recommendation. Most recent season was LGBTQ+ so worth a watch
  • TV Shows like Real Sex and even Polyamory etc helped put “alternative” relationships on display which helps normalize our stuff to society and despite how shitty we personally find the relationships and portrayals, it still serves a purpose.
  • Our own reality dating show “The Unicorn” would obviously be better than anything on tv. Trademark. Hashtag. Etc. 2022 is our year!
  • P.S. Schrummafrumma is a word! Thanks! xoxo