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Episode 02-25: In The News

On this week’s episode we’re doing a quick round up on some kinky and non-monogamous stories in the news. It was interesting to say the least.

  • It’s so sweet that these dads got to put all their names on their kids birth certificates! Read more about that HERE.
  • Getting fined for walking your husband after curfew? Well alright then! Let’s check that out HERE.
  • LA busting up swingers parties AND there is video? YEP! Right here

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Episode 02-25 Transcript

Jhen: Welcome to this fine January day. It is winter in Florida, and it is a frigid 63 degrees Fahrenheit. So I’m cold everywhere. How are you doing today, Sham? 

Sham: It is a way less frigid degree temperature here. I don’t even know what the temperature is,but we’ve got sun. The sun is here. I don’t know about over there, but we got the sun here, so we good.

Jhen: Yeah, not so sunny here, pretty cloudy, pretty overcast. And then the air conditioning and the office is on, fucking freezing. Literally, I swear. They just left it on freezing, but that’s fine. That’s fine. That’s not what we’re here to talk about, today and monogamish pod news. We’re talking about weird things that popped up in the news this week. There’s some interesting new stories that have come, I’m not gonna lie.

Sham: Yeah. Interesting is a word. Jhen has given me the gist of some of these stories. You guys are in for some interesting stuff. That’s all I can say. 

Jhen: Yeah. So we had a great episode the past couple of weeks, playing our interview with Pages. People seem to really respond to him. So shout out to pages, Matam for blessing us on the podcast. Clap, clap, clap. It was a lot of energy. So I did all that clapping and, just ready to continue the year in a strong way. We have a bunch more interviews that are set to come out. We have some more conversations that we’re going to have that I’m super excited about.

So let’s just get into it. Let’s just start. I want to talk to you guys today about Altplayground’s video feature. And you’re probably wondering, we’ve talked about that shit already, didn’t you? Yeah, I talked about profile videos. Now Bitch, what? So before they were just doing that video chatting function to make things safe and sexy for everyone at Altplayground.net. And now they’re also doing profile videos. So they definitely want us to record some profile videos. I have some ideas of what ours is going to be. Sham has no idea what these are as yet. So we’ll just not tell him for now, but you guys definitely to be on the lookout for that. We’re going to be trying to update a bit more in our community. Sham is in charge of the community right now. So he’s taking care of all that stuff. Trying to make sure we get all the content out there for you all to see.

Sham: So you can blame me for it not being as great as it should be, but we’re working on it. We’re getting it there.  

Jhen: We’re getting there. And really, we just want you guys to be a part of the Altplayground family with us. So you can join other amazing lifestyles and podcasts. People like “Living the Suite Life with Loq and Tryst”. Shout out to Loq and Tryst. Two of our great friends of the pod. You can find them on Altplayground as well. And guys, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t already be there taking advantage of all these cool features. So you need to go sign up today at Altplayground.net. Make sure you get your profile video set up. Cause I’m going to be checking those. It’s like Santa is making lists and checking it twice, I’m checking these videos. Y’all I’m trying to see what kind of smoke y’all come in with. So I know how hot ours has to be. 

Sham: Yeah. And we’re not just checking them to steal ideas. Definitely not. We just want to see them, that’s all. 

Jhen: Yeah, I don’t steal ideas from anyone. Altplayground.net, Sign up today, get your profile video together and we will see you over there. But until then, I’m Jhen… 

Sham: I’m Sham. And where Monogamish.

Jhen: Okay guys. So it’s a short and spicy episode today because we have so many interviews we want to pack in for the rest of this quarter. So like I said we were talking about news stuff, new stuff. And what you’re thinking, Jhen, how are you talking about new things when the transcripts aren’t done from the previous episodes? Shush silence. They’re coming. Yeah, they’re coming. It’s happening. I have the basic computer generated transcripts ready, and just have to do the editing on that. I don’t know if you guys know but computers don’t really understand Jamaican colloquial terms.

Sham: Imagine that! I’m curious to see what some of those translations would be. 

Jhen: You don’t even want to know. It just makes no sense. I’m like, “ what was the thing even trying to say?” Because sometimes I can remember the way the sentence was going based on how Sham and I talk. Other times I have to literally go back to the recording and listen so closely trying to figure out what the software I thought we were saying versus what we actually said. And at the end of the day, shout out to Andrea Martucci from the Shelf Love podcast and put me on game, getting me on this stuff. It actually really works. The software is amazing and she knows what she’s doing. She knew what she was doing when she introduced me to it. So shout out to her. Now we’re in the news right now.

Sham: So wait, whenever you’re done with the transcripts, I just want to borrow this for a half an hour. So I can just say every Jamaican bad word that I know. And see what comes out. 

Jhen:  It’s not going to be what you think. 

Sham: That’s half the fun. But, non-monogamy is in the news.

Jhen: So Sham, your story was very sweet. You should definitely start with your story before I make things saucy.

Sham: Oh yeah. Compared to your stories, mine is nice and delightful. So recently the story came out December 15th, 2020 on babygaga.com. I believe this is a place of baby news. I’m not sure.

Jhen: Or of baby Lady Gagas, I’m not sure. 

Sham: That could also be a thing which, I would fear that being a thing. That there’s a legion of Baby GaGas being grown somewhere. That sounds like a horror movie or a really funny movie. Anyway, back to the story, a family of three dads, have all gotten their names on their children’s birth certificates. Isn’t that great? And it’s not three dads and also the mothers. It’s a gay throuple of Ian Jenkins, Alan Mayfield and Jeremy Allen Hodges. They’re a gay throuple, shout out throuples, and they got kids. And they managed to get themselves all recognized as the parents on the birth certificate. Which of course is a big moment for non-monogamy. I would say in the news and just in the world that, “Hey, all three of these men are being recognized as the parents of these children”. Which is very important. That’s outside of  them being recognized, it’s also important because that they’re all the father in case of emergency and stuff like that, you want them to be on the birth certificate to recognize you. You don’t want any of the fathers being left out. So this happened in California. They’re more liberal over there sometimes.  

Fathers who raise their family in California, opened up a brand new house. This came after 2017 American ruling that aimed to give polyamorous couples, more legal recognition. So I guess it’s something that has been in the works still legally for awhile. And then they took advantage of that. Apparently when their daughter was born, a judge originally denied the request for the request to be on the birth certificate, which of course was heartbreaking. But since then they’ve been advocating for their rights as a family, and we’re pushing for this 2017 ruling. And here we are now, they finally got it. So that’s great. So it’s not even like they just applied and got it. They have to fight for this. Shout to them for fighting. Hopefully this means more people in the future won’t have to fight to have their kids. 

Jhen: Yes, that’d be amazing. I’ve heard so many horror stories of people who are in non-monogamous partnerships, loving partnerships and raising children and being denied the rights as parents, if something happens through their biological parents. So it is heartbreaking when you hear stories like that. I’m very happy that there is some positive news out there in the world of parenting and polyamory. Which reminds me, I need to bring back some more polyamorous parents to the panel. But that’s a whole different thing. Sorry you guys, thinking out loud, let’s go. So you’ve gotten your sweet story from Sham. Very lovely. 

Sham: I thought you said we need to bring back some kids. I’m just like, wait a minute! What’s Jhen talking about? 

Jhen: Never children. So we’re going to put the link for that in the show notes. And now I’m going to give you guys the first of my stories. This is not a non-monogamous story by any means. This is just something interesting that happened in our neighbors to the north, Canadia Eh? This came from BBC. Very serious news at BBC. So this headline from the BBC that came out on January 12th 2021 has “Husband  on leash breached Quebec’s COVID curfew”. Now I know what you’re thinking… Why is there a husband on the leash? Why’s all this stuff going on? But where things get spicy. A couple in Canada have been fined for breaking COVID curfew rules, after the woman was caught walking her husband on a leash, according to the local media. The woman reportedly told the police that she was just out walking her dog near their home in the city of Sherbrooke in Quebec province. Now she was walking her husband, there’s a curfew and Quebec province from 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM. They were spotted by police at around 9:00 PM on the Saturday, before this came up. And so it was just after the new rules came into effect. They were each fined $1,546 Canadian dollars.  And of course the picture is not even of a man on a leash and stuff, it’s an actual dog with a backpack. 

Sham: It’s an adorable dog. I guess it’s to offset the interesting image that would come into your mind reading this story. 

Jhen:  So not polyamorous news, but definitely kinky walking your husband, like a dog on a leash around the streets of Quebec. I stan.

Sham: I’m curious. They, so the only thing they’re being charged for is breaking the curfew. Which would mean this is something they’ve been doing already. Walking is not the new thing, the new thing is the curfew. So this has been going on. And this is just a part of their regular daily lives. And they’re just like, “curfew or not, I need to walk my husband or else he’s going to get ansy.” 

Jhen: I need to walk my husband. 

Sham: That’s a part of the kink. I don’t know. You gotta walk home and feed them. I don’t know where this falls. It’s not furry, because furry is when both people are animals. 

Jhen: Maybe he’s her pet. So of course this reminds me of people who consider themselves to be pets and like to sleep in cages and things like that. So I’m wondering if that’s what they do at home. Not wondering too hard, cause obviously I don’t really care. I just think it’s a great headline.

Sham: Such a great headline. It just brings more questions than answers. I want to know more and I don’t want to know more at the same time. No kink shaming, but when you hear someone is someone else’s dog, you just wonder how that works. But also you feel like the more you learn, the more you’re going to be confused. 

Jhen: Perhaps I’d be a bit more perplexed, but it’s all right. It’s all good. Cause I’ve given you this soft story. This soft story will set things up for the future. The next story is really where it’s at. I will be putting the links to both of my stories in our show notes. So the headline of this from five days ago, “Superspreader swinger party busted in South LA.” I guess you guys have an idea where this is going.

“It was advertised as a swingers party. However, they were swapping more than just spouses, Fox 11 investigates. Has been showing Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department breaking up super spreader events over the last several weeks, but we didn’t see this twist coming. An adults only super spreader event that got busted at a warehouse in South central LA over the weekend. This time it wasn’t teenagers and young people. It was older, middle-aged goers.” And there’s a video, a super cut of the police speaking over a loudspeaker, trying to get out of the warehouse and come outside. They think they’ve booked and tagged about a hundred people. Very few masks are in sight in the video. But when they go through with the actual video and you’re seeing what’s inside, it looked like there were cages. Remember the pet cages we just talked about? There were cages, there were condoms, lots of towels, bedrooms, all sorts of stuff.

Sham:  Okay. Cause if it was in Quebec, I’d wonder if this was the first story to come from there. 

Jhen: Not in Quebec, definitely in LA. Quebec and LA aren’t that far from each other, are they? Guys, don’t question me. Don’t correct me. I don’t do geography right now. I don’t really mean this, but Canada is not that far from California, depending on what side you’re on. So my point is, they busted up another swinger party y’all. Your parents and your grandparents were there getting their asses handed to them and getting people’s ass. And the cops came and was like, “everyone get down! Everyone get outside!”  

Sham:  Regarding the party. Terrible, should not be doing that. Horrible. But I do want to comment, It’s impressive. You said there were over a hundred people there, right? How do you plan an event that big? What kind of community are you living in? 

Jhen: This is LA baby. That’s hella easy. When you look at the size of the non-monogamous community in certain major cities, it’s hella easy. All you need is the right Facebook group. I’m in a Facebook group right now, over 1000 polyamorous people.

Sham: But will they all show up to a sex party though? I can understand a conference or a meet and greet, but no, we’re all going to this one space though… 

Jhen:  Yup. A lot of them would, no lies here. I’m telling you the truth. Like a lot of these people in these groups would show up to events like that. They’ve held like private, smaller events during the pandemic. So you already know they’re not worried about this shit. They ain’t worried about nothin. 

Sham: I guess, damn messes. It’s still terrible, but I’m still reconsidering my options. You know what? I should actually visit one of these committees one day just to see what it’s like. I’m sure when I get there, I’m going to be like,”Oh, it’s all white people”. Again, no offense,  but it’ll be nice to have some diversity. I don’t want to be the one black guy there and it’s “Oh, yay. We’re going to do black door or whatever.” 

Jhen:  Yeah, not for me. Not black? Not my fav.I think it really plays into this entire idea that we have that COVID is over. Americans believe that COVID-19 is done. Los Angeles has topped 1 million cases of COVID-19. 

Sham: Yeah, I saw that story. All by themselves, that is… 

Jhen: Los Angeles County… 

Sham: Not even California! That’s a lot for a state. Just Los Angeles on its own… WOW.

Jhen: It’s terrifying,  and so people are still holding events like this. Of course, I have a lot of feelings about your responsibility to the public and to your own private families and things. If you don’t care about yourself getting sick, then do you care about your elderly parents? Do you care about your friend’s kids? Do you care? Do you care about that? Any of the people who are in your life that you will interact with after going to super spreader events like this and this, and I’m not shaming. Anyone who does things like, goes out, within reason, taking proper precautions, whatever, but a super spreader sex party with over a hundred people in any one space right now, that is not safe.

Sham: So again, I don’t condone any kind of breaking off curfew or guidelines or whatever. But I can understand if someone is a little stir crazy at home and they’re going to go to a small event with a few friends or something just to feel normal. As much as that can still spread and it’s still dangerous, but I can understand it. I won’t be as mad. I get it. You’re going to do your thing, but how do you feel comfortable going to a 100 person event? And then on top of that, it’s a sex-based event. So everything that is exposed, is out there. You are not only sharing air, you are sharing fluids, I assume. There could be condoms, but still your bodily fluids, sweat and what you’re breathing, I don’t know how,  how you do that. 

Jhen: Doesn’t sound safe. Let’s backtrack. I do not live with an intimate partner. A physically Intimate partner. I’m not intimate sexually or in any kind of sex way, with anyone right now, because I do not live with that person. I don’t trust what people are doing out there in the real world. There are very few people and interacted with in this entire year that COVID has been going on. I can count on less than two hands, who I have seen and interacted with in a meaningful way in the past year. And these are just friends. The idea of finding a new sex partner in this time. I’m just like, It’s okay. Like I got a vibrator, I’m set. I don’t need anything else. The fact that you cannot go with without going to a crazy, huge sex party, when there are people like moi, who don’t live with people that they’re fucking. Because most of these people live with their partners. You just can’t go without fucking someone new? We can’t go to fucking some strange? 

Sham:  Fucking ninety people who are strange? Because again, even if you like looked up one or two new partners, fine. But 100 people in one space, is that not weird to you? I feel that’s going to be weird to me after I get the vaccine. Cause I’m going to be vaccinated and there could be like, no COVID for three months. The first time I go to a proper event  post quarantine world let’s call it, it’s still going to be weird. I’m still going to be like,” I haven’t been around this many people in so long, this is strange.” But so to do it during the actual pandemic? That’s crazy! 

Jhen: Sham, do you have that thing where you watch old movies and TV shows and see crowds and cringe?

Sham: Man, It’s doesn’t happen for the whole thing,  just the first moment you see the crowd, it was like “Wait. But how? Oh wait. No, it’s okay.” Or in an event where somebody goes to someone’s house and just invites them in. Invite them in? Inside? To hangout? And it’s somebody they just met or something, and, yeah, that’s a real thing. I can’t imagine. 

Jhen: We’re going to have so much PTSD around COVID 19. I looked at a concert video because I’ve been to several concerts in my lifetime, especially in the past couple of years. I looked at a couple of my concert videos the other day, reminiscing about the music. And I was like Wow! There are so many people around me and no one is wearing a mask. This was 2017. I feel like we should have all been wearing masks in 2017. People were just breathing on you, and spilling stuff. And I was like, Oh God, I can’t see myself enjoying events like that in the same way anymore.

Sham: It’s definitely going to be weird. At the very least I can’t see myself in a packed crowd, maybe in a crowd where I can have my own little space to myself, but the idea of squeezing through with a bunch of people to get that drink or something is going to be weird going forward. 

Jhen: Hella weird. So in Jamaica, there is still a ban on events, correct? You can’t have these large events in Jamaica. So a lot of promoters from Jamaica are having their events in Florida. Cause there’s no such rules here.

Sham: Oh yes, Florida. Jamaica’s number one party venue. 

Jhen: I’ve been seeing the videos and pictures from some events and I’m like, wow. Oh no, too afraid. I got afraid. God just strike or no, 

Sham: Nothing. Oh, I can’t wait for the transcription to hear that one. I don’t know how people are doing it? I don’t know. How are you doing that? No fear, No concern. Every time I see someone I don’t know I feel worried if I don’t distance myself. But just to be around a crowd of people, how are you doing that? 

Jhen: I don’t know. I don’t know. 

Sham: Also, on top of all the bad stuff with this super spread event, once again, you’re making us look bad! You’re just making the community look bad. Hey, look at all these swingers, with their dirty parties and they don’t follow rules. How can we give them any kind of credence as a community, if this is how they’re going to behave? And I would just say, just making us look bad.

Jhen: No, it does make us look bad, but I’m planning my swinger party for when COVID is over. 

Sham:  Oh, that first post COVID orgy will be epic. Yeah. 

Jhen: How long do you think we’re going to need at the hotel, like a weekend? or do we need the whole week?

Sham: Well that depends how many women you invite because with men, that’s an afternoon.

Jhen: I feel like I’m going to need a whole week. Just get a villa or one of those fancy houses for a week, and just have all the people I want to bone come by. It’s going to be post COVID. So this is everyone’s going to have been tested for COVID and vaccinated for COVID as well. We’re gonna be doing all this stuff. So this is a future in which everyone is safe. Safe for us to do these kinds of things. 

Sham: It’s a fantasy world at this point, but we can still dream the whole thing. 

Jhen: You can still dream. Let us dream. Someday I will be there, in my room with all of these people whose faces I want to sit on, and that will be exciting for me. 

Sham: Wonderful. You can put them in a row. 

Jhen: Yeah. Like a round Robin sort of thing, right? 

Sham: Oh, you say hotel and I remember a similar story to the first one. Did you see the video of the I believe the gentleman or maybe a woman in Barbados in a horse outfit?

Jhen: I don’t think that I saw that?

Sham: Oh boy, if I could find it. Someone was taking a video in a hotel lobby and there’s someone dressed in a full black spandex suit, but the feet part are hooves? Yes. And then the head part is a black leather horse mask thing. It’s clearly kink. But they’re stuck in the hotel lobby. And what is going on? And everybody’s just looking at this person walking through the lobby, and they’re going through the reception to get something as just, huh? What is going on upstairs? 

Jhen: I don’t need to know what’s going on upstairs. It doesn’t sound like something I need to know. I’m good. I’m good. 

Sham: And  first off, I don’t want to judge, but at least he’s wearing a mask, because it’s a proper horse mask. So at the very least, these people are incidentally following the guidelines, because no COVID is getting in all of that horse mask. So I guess people are taking kink vacations to Barbados? 

Jhen: I guess. You know what? Cheers to you. You could be local to Barbados. You could be there after having quarantined for the requisite amount of time, then enjoying your vacation then going back. Sure, sure, sure. If you guys are doing whatever you’re doing, that’s great, but I don’t know what I would do if I saw that in my hotel lobby. I think I might tap them on this one and be like, “Excuse me? I just have a question about how you’re breathing under there. I just need to know if you’re okay?” 

Sham: That is a good question. And I would ask them, “So in short, if you don’t mind me asking, what would you call this?” What classification? trying to be as respectful as possible because I don’t want to blow up the spot, but also you are in a public place in a very extravagant costume. So questions are expected, I would assume. “And if you’re comfortable telling me, what would you classify?” I’d do a podcast interview, “but what kind of kink do you practice?”

Jhen: What kind of kinky practise? This is pony play isn’t it? So is your other partner dressed like a pony as well? Or is it just you? Are they the jockey? Or are you both ponies? How does this work exactly?Is there a space for your dick to come out of the way a horse’s Dick comes out? Because that’s my second question. 

Sham: Because you don’t want to unzip anything if you want to feel like a natural animal. So going forward, I don’t even know how we’re going to function really. How are we going to function? I don’t know, 2020 was already so worrying and we’re in a new year, but we’re all in the same situation as we were before. *police sirens* Are they picking up on me?

Jhen: It’s totally okay. It’s the horny police! *pew pew pew pew*. Okay. So we’ve covered our three fun new stories this week. Which story is your favorite? Do you like the sweet stuff? Do you like the medium saucy or the hella saucy? 

Sham: I think to be safe, I’m going to go with medium sauce because the saucy one was also irresponsible. Under normal circumstances a 100 person orgy would be very fun for me. I haven’t been to one, but I’d at least be interested in the fact that it was happening. But now I’m just upset that it’s happening. So not that story for me, the baby one was cute. As of right now, this recording, I ain’t got no babies, so I don’t really care about no baby stories. It’s nice for them. Good for those three gentlemen and their babies. But I don’t really care. So I want to go with the leash because that’s just interesting. And we’re seeing a peak into something bigger. And I think that’s the part of it that I like. It was the fact that they were the only reasons this was a story is because they broke curfew. With no curfew, This would have been going on for however long as it’s been going on. They would be doing other activities we don’t even know about. I feel if we ask people in that town about them, they’d be like, “Oh yeah, we know them. There at the dog park all the time. Her husband tried to sniff my schnauzer once. It was weird, but they’re very nice.”

Jhen: That’s just a lot.

Sham: And it’s Canada, right?  Quebec. They’re known for they’re stereotypically known for being polite. So I know they’re French Canadian. Seeing this and just not wanting to, complain. I could see if he was walking past them and it’s like, “Oh bonjour, how you do? Nice to see you. That’s a very nice collar you have on.” Or something, some will go with that. Which of the stories were your favorite? 

Jhen: Let’s see which story do I pick? I think that I am going to pick the sweet story this week. Just because I don’t have babies. I don’t care about having babies for myself, but I do care about non-monogamous families getting the recognition they deserve. So cheers to everyone involved there. Snaps for you guys. I can snap on one hand. There we go. That’s it. So next week’s episode, we have two interviews happening with two cis-het men talking about their experiences in non-monogamy. Sham completed one of them pretty much all on his own and the other one we did together. So that’s going to be interesting putting that together.  

Sham: Oh, yes. It’s good. We’ve got the intro for next is going to be fun because there’s a lot to explain, but we won’t say much right now. 

Jhen:  Correct. Don’t get too much into that, but let’s just shout out to Altplayground once again for holding it down. We’re doing the thing. Shout out to Andrea Martucci from the Shelf Love  podcast. Shout out to our friends at Yuhtoobright.com. Their clothing is still fire. Y’all definitely want that. You can check us out on Instagram at @monogamishpod, Twitter @monogamishpod, Facebook.com/monogamishpod. I don’t really post much on Facebook. I’m not going to lie to you. 

Sham: It’s just Instagram 2.0 

Jhen: We do patreon.com/monogamish pod. You have to type all that, all the way in, because we are an 18 plus platform. You can’t find us otherwise just by searching us in Patreon. Our latest episodes drop on Wednesdays, usually sometimes on a Saturday if I’m feeling froggy and we record those and post those out using anchor. You have SoundCloud, which has the three most recent episodes because they are still expensive and we are not cheap. And you can find us on our website, monogamishpod.com, where you can get the links to the show notes. When they’re done, and all the links to where you can find us resources, glossaries, all sorts of stuff,  and our merch shop. Don’t forget to buy a merge from us. I’m still working on the “Should have been a triad” design. I have a sample. It looks great. Sham,  What do you think about my sample? 

Sham: It’s a good sample. Oh, It’s actually good. 

Jhen: You’re like, “What are you talking about?” I’m like “You saw it! I sent you a picture.” 

Sham: It was good. I liked it. I would wear, if not for the question of “What does this mean?” 

Jhen: If it was asked about why I was making a shirt about Chinese gangs? And I said, “yes, that’s exactly what this shirt is about”.

Sham: Oh yeah, that would be a question we would get but, nope. Not that kind of triad. Don’t worry about it.

Jhen: But yeah so fun. Is there anything that I have forgotten? I don’t think so.

Sham:  I’ve said all the things, so things like Patreon. Oh, and subscribe. Itunes, Google play or the podcast places, wherever you get your podcasts. Listen to us on SoundCloud, the three most recent episodes. Give us five stars, all that fun stuff. I think it was that. 

Jhen: Yep. That’s all the things. So catch you guys next week for a slightly longer episode. I’m Jhen.

Sham: and I’m Sham. And we’re Monogamish.