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Bonus 02-26: Jhen Says

Hey Everyone!
Our latest full episode is dropping on Saturday morning but until then, enjoy this bit of Jhen rambling on talking about things.

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Can’t wait for you to hear Saturday’s episode.


Transcript for this episode:

[00:00:00] Jhen: Hey everyone. This is Jhen, as you know, one of the hosts of Monogamish Pod. And I want to talk to you about our latest episode, which is not dropping today, unfortunately. Its coming out on Saturday. You guys know that occasionally we’ll release an episode on a Saturday just to be a little spicy or if there’s some more editing or conversation that we want to have around it before we release it.
So. This latest episode that we teased last week with two cishet men, one Latino, one Black, talking about their experiences in non-monogamy and polyamory will be out on Saturday. We have put both of these interviews together in a one recording.
And that sounds like a lot. (laughs) But I think it is the best way to showcase the different points of view that other cishet men have around non-monogamy and polyamory and how they came into the space. These interviews were recorded [00:01:00] in September of 2020, so that was quite some time ago when you’re really thinking about it, some references that were made maybe slightly out of date, but I don’t think it takes away from the overall experience of the recording.
But while listening to it, I had a thought to myself about all the previous interviews we’ve had on Monogamish with people like Polyamorous Black Girl, Polyamorous While Asian, Six – the sexstrologer for Clone-A-Willy, um, Zach Budd, Ruby Bouie Johnson. We’ve had so many amazing people on here. And I don’t think we’ve ever said this, but, the views of our guests are their own and their experiences are just that, their personal experiences. We have gotten messages and comments from people who don’t like certain conversations that were had, who don’t appreciate certain people’s viewpoints and how they moved through the world.
And so I [00:02:00] thought it was important to say before we continue to release more interviews and more content that again, all the views our guests have, are their own. All the conversations that we have with them and the responses they give, they’re not edited in any sort of way. We literally just put out what they say. And I think that’s like the most organic way to do it. I mean, you can tell some of our episodes are almost like two fucking hours long for God’s sake. But. We really, really just want people to be their most authentic selves and put out those authentic conversations with very limited editing.
The editing that we do is probably things like removing long gaps or certain filler words that were repeated. Or if there’s something very, very specific that someone said that they don’t want to be included anymore, we might remove that. And that also comes with a conversation about whether or not to the entire interview [00:03:00] or that conversation in general is worth having. It’s just, there’s a lot of things that we talk about going into these sorts of things, but you guys don’t really know much of the behind the scene stuff we do. So I figured I’d give you guys a little peek into that before our latest episode.
And we continue on with 2021 because we’re going to be having even more interesting conversations, even more difficult conversations that people will have strong reactions to. And I want you guys to know that we give people of color a platforms, talk about their journey in non-monogamy and polyamory.
That’s it. Like that’s all it is. Some people are super interesting. We want to have these amazing conversations with them. Other people it’s just like, yeah, this is a different point of view that we haven’t discussed or seen. We w that deserves to also be showcased as well. And we will never intentionally put out anything that’s harmful.
That is one thing that I will say, we do not [00:04:00] seek to harm people. And so if we have said anything or done anything that is harmful, please let us know if we haven’t checked it ourselves. Or w w cause I’m all about public apologies as well. If I publicly say some shit. I need to apologize for like, Imma apologize to y’all on the mic.
Just like, I’m doing this right now. So you know what I’m talking about? Um, but yeah, I think that’s pretty much what I have to say going forward about this. We have some really, really amazing conversations to come, some that we haven’t even recorded yet. Some that are just like in the planning phases and I’m like, yay. I can’t wait. Can’t wait.
But, yeah, so that’s pretty much all I have to say about our interviews and how that’s recorded and the content that goes into that. Like I said, no extra editing, we don’t cut and splice sentences together. It just, a sentence is said as it is. The most I will do is if I, you know, to keep doing like, you know, things like that, I’ll try to cut them out. But [00:05:00] otherwise, nah we leave everything pretty organically as it is and as it was said,

But. That’s not why you guys are here. Well, it is, but also not. So thank you for rocking with us for this year plus. We really, really appreciate every single listener. We love the journey. We love the growth that has come.
We love our partnership with our sponsors and our podcast friends. And it’s, it’s quite an amazing experience. So thank you to everyone who’s been a part of this, even if you only listen to one episode. Thank you anyway. Shout out to our listeners from all over the world from Barbados to where’s that, that, that place with the thing. Oh God, there’s a map in my mind and I can’t see it right now. Shit, Denmark.
Canada. Of course here in the U S Jamaica, the Virgin islands. Like we have listeners, like we’re kind of global, I said things that sounded really Western though. Now that I’m hearing it out loud, Japan you’ve listened in [00:06:00] Japan and China. We have, we have listeners everywhere. So thank you, everyone who listened to the podcast.
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And how I think out loud, because sometimes I think people think. This is not how I really talk or how my brain really processes things, but it is, it is, it does. This is, this is what it is. Um, but yeah, so Twitter. Instagram. We’re also on Facebook. [00:08:00] Monogamish Pod, but like, not really, but also yes. And like I said, our website.
Rate and review us on your favorite podcatcher that allows that. Five stars if you please. I’m planning on maybe doing something special with some really nice reviews later on down the line. So guys keep putting in those reviews. Keep putting those in, we appreciate that. And yeah, just search for us. If you cannot find us on your podcatcher of choice, let us know. We’ll try to get on there. That is something that we will do. And if you have any questions, concerns, you can always hit us up in the DMS, or you can email us monogamishpod@gmail.com. If you do want to be a guest on the podcast, you guys should know, we only take people of color. And when I say people of color, I, specifically to do, you know, black indigenous people of color. I am not interested in necessarily centering white voices at this time. And sham and I have had discussions about this and that is really [00:09:00] where we’re at at the moment. Um, so if you are a black person who engages in non-monogamy, hit us up.
If you are an Indian person, you know, not, not native American, I mean, Indian, but also native American. Wherever you are from, if you are under the person of color umbrella, and I mean that you don’t identify as white, then feel free to reach out to us and tell us why you think you are awesome enough to be on the podcast.
It’s not like really selling yourself with, to us, but also it’s kind of selling yourself to us. You can’t just send me a DM, like, Hey. I think I should be on your podcast. It’s like, okay, thanks. Thanks for saying that. What, what makes you say exactly? Like, why do you want to be on here? What, what is it about what we do that appeals to you?
You know, and we also slide into people’s DM sometimes. Like if we see them on social media and we liked their platform, we like what they have to say. We’re [00:10:00] kind of like, yeah. We want you to be on the pod, please. Can you consider being on our podcast? And we want to talk to you about these topics.
That’s also a thing. And yeah, I think that’s all I want to say right now. So thanks again to everyone for listening to us. And for following me on this rambly 10 minute long journey. And we will see you on Saturday when we air that interview. Xoxo. Bye Guys.