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Episode 01-06: Watch Me Do This

Today we’re talking about Regular TV!
Jhen watches too much reality tv and Sham doesn’t watch it at all really so this is a good fit.

  • Kamala Devi – one of the leads on Polyamory: Married & Dating also has a book! “Polyamory Pearls”
    Apparently she’s a big sex educator or something despite her shitty show. 
  • List of TV shows we discuss:
    • Siren is the main one on TV right now and Jhen thinks it is done right.
      • Interracial throuple: Black/Native American woman, hite man, white mermaid lady
      • The mermaids are NOT cute
      • Ben + Maddie are love according to Ryn
      • Sham has never seen the show
    • You Me Her is on Audience and Netflix and it portrays one of the worst ways to have a poly relationship in our opinion. This is a pick of both of ours!
      • Premise: Married couple ends up dating a psych grad student who used to double as an escort for money. Fuckery ensues
      • We think there are SO many red flags
      • Jhen has been to Portland but never seen Portlandia
      • On Audience TV which is like AT&T’s network and also on Netflix
    • House of Cards is a Netflix series which we obvi don’t watch anymore because Kevin Spacey is a predator
      • Frank & Claire seem to have a threesome with their secret service bodyguard (Meechum), Season 2 Episode 11 (it has Spanish subtitles)
      • Here is an article recaping the episode
      • Frank also had a side ooman that Claire was aware of, and she had a side man that he was aware of
      • Frank seems to be a man who has sex with men (msm) or bi or something
    • Steven Universe is on Cartoon Network and is 100% a Sham pick!
      • He talks a lot about the gem fusion stuff
      • Here is the link about the show in general
      • Here’s the 6 gem link up we discussed.
    • Masters of Sex was on Showtime and was really a scripted series about a Thomas Maier Biography detailing the work of Masters & Johnson’s studies of human sexuality
      • There was Non-monogamy in the show for sure but also a lot of cheating.
      • Jhen stopped watching this show way before it ended
      • Here’s the Wiki link about the show
    • Big Love was the first big show Jhen remembers about non-monogamy on mainstream tv and she is TOTALLY breaking up with Sham because he has never seen it
      • Mormon. 3 wives. Kids. stuff
      • Jhen Loved and hated this show in equal measure
      • She was not into Mormon stuff but it was still an interesting show about relationships. She STILL can’t believe sham never watched it
      • Here’s the Wiki
    • Swingtown was on CBS back in the day and was set in the 19070’s.
      • This is a fan trailer about the show
      • Honestly, we don’t know much about it aside from what we’ve been able to Google
      • Here’s the Wiki
    • Sense8 was on Netflix and while Jhen don’t really consider it a polyam show, she loved it!
      • They have spiritual orgies
      • Kala/Rajan/Wolfgang throuple endgame
      • The show was cancelled but obvi they need to bring back Sense8 and psychic orgies.
    • MTV Undressed
      • We went down the rabbit hole on this one
      • Actually came out in 1999 and ran until 2002 so we were WAY too young to be watching it
      • There was supposed to be a reboot but honestly I think it wouldn’t be the same now.
      • Here’s a link to Season 2 Episode 2 which is not great but is for free on YouTube.
      • Here is an article on the oral history of Undressed
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