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Episode 02-30: Short & Spicy

This week’s episode is a love fest! On this short episode, Jhen talks about some amazing Black Non-Monogamous creators in celebration of Black History Month

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Episode 02-30 Transcript

Jhen:  Hello, everyone. I’m Jhen. And welcome to another episode of MonogamishPod. On this week’s episode, I’ll be doing something a little bit different, but of course, before we get started, let’s check out a word from our sponsor, altplayground.net. Now you guys know I’ve been talking about this contest that I’m going to win a Sybian, like all month long. It is a month of love and there’s nothing greater than self-love. So obviously the Sybian is mine. It’s in the bag. Just wanted to let y’all know that we’ll still give you an opportunity to win other prizes. So Altplayground has put up a quick update to its members. Just to give you guys an idea of who’s in the running.

So here’s the update, your chance to win one of a hundred prizes. Okay. So it’s about halfway through the contest and if you’re a qualified member and you earned 102 points or more since February 1st, 2021. You were in the top 100 and you’re definitely in the running for the prize. So snaps to all the people who were in the running for the prize. I can only snap with one hand. So that’s about it. That’s all you get. And then if you’ve earned over 550 points, now, I don’t know who’s in that tier, but I’m just saying, if y’all are in that tier, You’re doing good and you are in the top 10. And you’re definitely a mid-month favorite to win the $1,500 Sybian. Now you are in the top 10 and you are close to winning this Sybian, I need you to lose. I need you to lose so that I can win. That is the most important thing that I will share with you on this week’s episode, but you can find out more about this contest using the link to get to altplayground.net in our show notes, or just going to altplayground.net for yourselves.

Now we also want to shout out our podcast partner Shelf Love podcast, hosted by the wonderful Andrea Martucci. It is a romance novel podcast, which I guess if romance is not really your thing, then you might not like it, but it does have critical thought provoking discussions about the romance genre and I’ve been on it twice. So that’s really all the endorsement that you need. Head on over to Shelf Love Podcast, you can listen to the episodes, read transcripts or to search Shelf Love Podcast on your pod catcher app of choice. Now here’s a brief break before we get into it.

(musical interlude)

Right everyone. So this week’s episode, there is a lot of content to cover. It is Black history month. It was Valentine’s day and it was also Ash Wednesday, which was the start of Lent. And before that was Mardi Gras, shout out to New Orleans, there are so many interesting holidays, and holiday like things happening in February. I feel like we should just be celebrating Black people all year long, but I mean, it’s cool that we have a month too, I guess. 

This week I’m going to be talking about some stories and Black non-monogamous news and also sharing a couple of Black non-monogamous podcasters and creators that are out there in space. First things first though, I want to start this episode off with a topic that I’ve seen making the rounds on social media. There is a lovely woman who goes by Tai Travels (@tripswithtai) on Facebook and on February 14th at 9:40 am she posted happy Valentine’s day from all my joints around the world. And one would think, “Oh, it’s just a couple of pictures, whatever.” Nah. Nah, my girl had over 20 photos of her with the many people that she has met and loved on her many travels. And damn, people have a lot of thoughts, they have a lot of thoughts. I got a lot to say. I mean, this post has  over 11,000 comments. It is insane. Some of it is great, some of it not so good, but I still think it’s worth talking about, we don’t generally see Black women in the lifestyle, just kind of being open and honest about the many loves that they have had, and the people they’ve met along the way. You don’t really see that. And I’ll speak for me personally, I have not seen it done to this magnitude before, but yeah, she posted pictures of all of her peeps. She put little descriptions and how she met them and how the relationship went.

There’s one she had with the Nigerian she met in Ghana. There is one that she has with her Indian bae, looks like it’s in London. There is just, Guyanese-British guy that she met in Shanghai, she went to Brazil with her Dominican dude, like a voodoo festival. And then in Togo. So she’s, she’s been traveling, she’s been around the world. She’s been to Peru. She’s been to Kenya. I’m high key jealous of her travels in general, much less being able to have all these amazing loves and all these places, like in Morocco and Cuba. I’m just clicking through these photos right now and I’m just like big mad that I haven’t been traveling.

Everyone who knows me from before and knows that I traveled a lot from my previous job, and also because I loved it. I’m kind of sad that I don’t get to travel now. But also big up top, you are showing off, showing out. We will put the link to this post in our show notes. I also shared it to our Facebook page and a reminder that we have a Facebook page. facebook.com/monogamishpod in case you care. And so we have that over there. You guys should definitely look at the photos and read the stories because there’s a story in there. That’s like hella long and also hella insane. And I’m all for the mess. So that is the first topic that I definitely wanted to cover this week.

The next thing I want to talk about is celebrating some of the Black voices, especially in the podcasting space. So Black N Kinky is putting out a little project, Black voices in the lifestyle. I don’t know if you know Black N Kinky, Bomber and Belle, they are highlighting some of the Black podcasts that are out there talking about the lifestyle. So that includes: Livin’ the Suite Life with Loq and Tryst episode with them coming up soon, The Cashmere room podcast with Duchess Cashmere episode coming up soon, two different sides of non-monogamy that we don’t necessarily cover, usually on the pod, so I can’t wait for you guys to hear those episodes. And Unicorn diaries linked to this particular post where they tag different accounts, including us, but for sure, we want to hear more Black voices and the lifestyle. The lifestyle is not just some white people shit. Just want to remind people of that. Despite what you may think. There are Black people involved in non-monogamy and there are so many different facets of non-monogamy to cover. It’s not all dudes looking for a second or third or fourth or fifth life or what I called monogamy 2.0, which is triads. It’s the most popular pairing on television as well, when you’re talking about non-monogamy. So aside from swingers, I guess, do you think swingers are more popular than triads? I don’t know. We’ll have to do some research on that. Yeah, this is what happens when I’m alone.

My brain just starts going in a million different directions, firing in a thousand different places. Oh my God. We’re focused. Another set of people I wanted to highlight this episode are those amazing Black non-monogamous and polyamorous creators. Who are not necessarily doing podcasts, but doing the work out there in these poly streets, to highlight

Black polyamory and non-monogamy. I’m going to start with people who’ve been on the show before. So just so you guys know, you’re not going to be like, “Oh, that’s just favoritism.” Well, yes it is. I’m going to start with them. First things first, I want to start with Ruby Bouie Johnson, she put on Poly Dallas Millennium. Pages, Matam, you might remember him from a previous episode. And I hosted the opening night ceremonies of that conference last year, it was an amazing time. It was my first PDM, I was so excited. Of course it was all virtual because we’re in a whole ass panoramic, but it was still an amazing time. And I can only imagine what the energy would have been, if I was able to go to this event in person. I think that going to so many virtual conferences last year kind of made me sad to not be able to go to in-person conferences but also blessed and feeling amazing that I was able to experience these spaces anyway. So of course big shout out to Ruby, she’s been on the podcast before I’ll link to her episodes in the show notes. Also shout out to Marla Renee Stewart, who is expecting a baby, shout out to Marla. And Marla also puts on Sex Down South, which was another amazing conference I got to go to late last year. Just amazing Black women who are doing a big in the conference space. Those are two to look out for. Haven’t had Marla on the podcast yet, but I’m hoping that will happen one day soon. Also shout out to Chanee Jackson Kendall and Cheri Calico Roman, the co-founders of the Poly Cultural Diversity Alliance who put on Black Poly Pride.

Now I have met them earlier on in the pandemic as well. Black Poly Pride did not happen last year, but they did manage to put on a series of online events for Black polyamorous folks to connect and get to know each other, and really have some critical conversations and engagement. I met so many people through that event, it was fabulous. I’ve had them on the show before as well. Those episodes are in the show notes.

 I also want to shout out some other people doing it big in these polyamorous or Black non-monogamous spaces, Like Kevin Patterson, @polyrolemodels for being on the Tamron Hall Show, him being on our show, him being able to be a face of polyamory in a way. I mean, he’s also an amazing writer and he has a for hire series. He wrote the book Love’s Not Colorblind. Like Kevin is great. You should definitely buy his book. Again I’ll put links to the episode that he was on in the show notes. So you can find all the links to purchase his stuff there.

I also want to shout out these amazing people who are doing it big on Instagram, making polyamorous content accessible to everyone. Evita Lavitaloca Sawyers @lavitaloca34, she does a lot of creating on social media, polyamory coaching, et cetera. We’ve had her on an episode of the podcast as well. And her Poly daily reminders and just her frankness, openness and honesty and navigating polyamory is just refreshing. I look forward to sharing her reminders or reading those reminders, because sometimes they resonate with me and I appreciate the work that she puts into this. 

And also there is Marjani Lane who’s a pro black polyamorous educator. Their Instagram page is amazing. And yeah, there’s this content that’s just so digestible for people to unpack all these definitions and different ideas of how things are supposed to work. And I just… I love it. The graphics are beautiful. The content is great and relatable. So if you’re not following @marjanilane_v2 on Instagram, you absolutely should be. 

Another person I want to highlight on Instagram is actually Gabrielle Smith. You can find her @bygabriellesmith. She’s a writer and she’s also solo poly, and she’s written several articles about non-monogamy and polyamory for a variety of places like Cosmo, and The Greatest. Like I could go on, the list is there, I will definitely of course, put a link to her Instagram in the show notes. That’s definitely someone you want to look at.

And of course you want to shout out King Noire and Jet Setting Jasmine. They have also been on the podcast. Everyone knows that they are not monogamous. And also Jasmine is a therapist in addition to them creating some amazingly sexy pornos. So there’s that, I definitely want you to support them. We’ll put the link to their episode in the show notes.

I also want to shout out to Passion Jones. She is a model and she came out last year as non-monogamous and introduced to her two male partners. And that was such a brave thing to do. She got so much flack for that, and I am so happy that she was able to live her truth and be open and honest in her life. So shout out to Passion Jones (@passionjonesz12) as well. There are so many amazing, like I said, creators who are out there doing the damn thing, just really doing the thing. And those are just a few of the amazing Black non-monogamous creators out there. They’re just a fraction of what is out there in this world. So if you have a favorite Black non-monogamous creator, whether they’re a musician, artist, writer, just someone out here doing the damn thing and telling us about it.

I want you to drop them in the comments on this episode, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, on everywhere, @ tag, your favorite black non-monogamous creator. And if they haven’t been featured on the pod, maybe I’ll pitch them to be on the pod, but you never know. 

So I do have some questions for you guys on how we want to proceed going forward. I do have some slightly meatier interviews coming up, and I want your help in figuring out how to release them. We have some conversations about non-monogamy and religion. Well, we spoke to people from different spiritual and religious practices and beliefs. And I want to know how you guys think we should release those episodes. Should we do it once a week? Like we have been doing all of our episodes before? Or for that series, should we release all of the episodes in the same week, but on different days? So if I have three interviews, for example, I do Monday, Wednesday, Friday? How do you all feel about that? I’m definitely interested in what you guys think about that.

So I will definitely be putting up a poll on our Instagram page, for answers to this question and also do one on Twitter as well, because I’m very interested on how you guys would like to consume that content. I also have a series coming up about triads and I’m very interested in how we should cover that as well. Again, should I release the episodes once a week, like I have been doing, or should I release them all in the same week? Thank you so much for understanding, as we went to Saturday releases for the past few weeks, this week coming, we should be going back to Wednesdays, but you never know. I figure as long as the episode comes out weekly, does it really matter when exactly it comes up, but to some people it really, really does.

So we’ll be back to trying to release our episodes every Wednesday. To be honest, we started recording in 2019 and releasing episodes in November. So we went through up until the summer and then took a break there. But by the time we got to that point, you were already at 30 episodes. So this year, this episode makes our 30th episode of season two and we’re not due for a break right now, kind of crazy, right? So we will continue releasing episodes for the next several months, but when there is a break coming up, we will definitely let you know that. So you have nothing to worry about.

Okay, guys, now that I finished talking your ear off, ;et me tell you exactly where to find us. You can find us on Instagram and Twitter @monogamishpod. You can find us on facebook.com/monogamishpod. You can find this on your pod catcher of choice @monogamishpod. If you are on Apple podcasts, we would like you to rate and review us as well as subscribe. Just click that subscribe button, give us five stars. If you please, that would be amazing. And we have our three most recent episodes on SoundCloud. Not because we are cheap, but because SoundCloud is very expensive, you can find this on Patreon and you have to type in Patreon.com/monogamishpod because we’re a little bit too spicy for the regular Patreon, since we are an adult only platform.

You can also find this on our website, monogamishpod.com. That’s where you’ll find the detailed show notes, transcripts from episodes that I’ve managed to get done with the help of our lovely assistant MJ. And so so much more, if you want to find out where to get me personally, I am @haveyoumetjhen on Instagram and Twitter.

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So that’s all she wrote for this episode. Thank you so much for joining us well, joining me on this journey. Once again, I’m Jhen and this was Monogamishpod. Bye guys.