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Episode 02-36: A Duchess and her Deuce

On this week’s episode, Jhen & Sham talk to Duchess Cashmere and her partner Deuce about their journey into non-monogamy and how they’re living and loving as of November 2020.

Wanna know more about our guest?

Duchess Cashmere, The Griot Erotica.  Producer of The Cashmere Room Podcast & Pillow Talk, The Live Experience, and along with her husband, Deuce, The Mister is the co-founder of The Cashmere Room LS Collective. She tells sexy stories & performs pussy poetry like you’ve never seen before.  She hosts Lifestyle Parties in/around the MS Gulf Coast that specifically cater to a POC audience and that are BDSM friendly.  Her podcast and live performances are NSFW but perfect for pillow talk with your favorite lover.  You can listen to the podcast, watch performances or book Duchess Cashmere for your sex positive conference, poetry showcase, or Lifestyle event.

Find Duchess Cashmere on Instagram, Twitter and by using her Linktree.

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Duchess Cashmere of The Cashmere Room Podcast

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