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Episode 03-04: Antimononormativity?

On this week’s episode, Jhen talks to Nayeli aka Antimononormative about antimononormativity & about her journey into polyamory.

This is Nayeli’s first podcast and it’s dropping on her birthday (November 17)!!! Go on ahead and wish them happy birthday on the socials!

Get to know Nayeli/Antimononormative (she/they):

Nayeli aka Antimononormative

Nayeli is a reconnecting Indigenous (P’urhépecha) critical-social psychologist. She recently graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a B.S. in social psychology with a minor in critical gender studies. Their undergraduate research focused on examining stigma and prejudice towards people in non-monogamous relationships. This project grew their interests in building a career doing research that serves the non-monogamous community.
She started making content on her social media pages to help educate people about the politics and history of the social institution of mononormativity. They also wanted to start building a community of people practicing anti-colonial & anti-capitalist resistance-based relationality, which isn’t necessarily limited to non-monogamous people.

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