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Episode 03-05: The Holiday Episode

Brief Synopsis:
On this week’s episode, Jhen is talking about the Holidays and how to navigate them with yourself and your partners in mind.
She also touches on some recent representations of polyamory in the media with a brief conversation about You and New Amsterdam.

Welcome to the holiday episode! We released the first episode of this podcast on November 19, 2019 and have done a holiday episode of sorts just about every year. Sometimes we focus it on Valentines Day but it’s been done.
This week, instead of talking gift ideas, I’m going to be talking about tips and tricks to navigate the holidays and talk a bit about what the holidays mean to me.

My question to you: How are you navigating this holiday period as a polyamorous person? What are some tips and tricks you’ve employed so that you and everyone you love is able to enjoy the holiday?

I’ll also be touching on a bit of pop culture polyamorous representation through You on Netflix and New Amsterdam on NBC. Both storylines are a little bit EH (and I don’t watch You) but New Amsterdam is doing a Black polyamorous V with the woman being the apex which we don’t often see represented in mainstream media.

For those who didn’t watch the YouTube video or who just want a better look, behold my holiday sweater!

Hotline Bling Holiday Sweater

For the holiday conversation, I refer to some articles from 2017 (because we all know 2020 was a WASH with holiday management) and these tips and tricks still ring true today.
The only thing I didn’t insert on my own, and I regret not doing so, is the fact that we are still in a pandemic and proper mask wearing protocol, testing and the vaccination status of yourself and your loved ones (and their loved ones) is also super important.

Be safe out there!

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The next episode will be dropping on December 15, 2021 with a pretty well known polyamorous influencer. Catch you then.