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Episode 03-07: Have A Happy PolyDay

On this week’s episode, Jhen talks about the holiday and shares the audio and video from the Happy PolyDays conversation with Leanne Yau of Polyphilia Blog about Polyamory, Race & Culture.

Who is Leanne? Even if you already know, here’s that bio again!

Leanne Yau aka Polyphilia Blog

Leanne Yau (she/they) founded Poly Philia in November 2020, the largest social media platform dedicated to non-monogamy awareness in Europe. Apart from creating and curating humorous and educational memes, tips, resources, and other content on social media. She also created the #PolyamoryTipoftheDay series, narrated several polyamory audiobooks, and provides private peer support to non-monogamous individuals and couples across the globe.
Leanne’s work is influenced by her own experiences as a Gen Z bisexual, autistic, and Chinese non-binary woman, and she hopes to bring visibility and representation to these intersectional identities. She has been actively non-monogamous since 2016. She has appeared on several polyamory podcasts, been interviewed by the BBC, and appeared on national television to advocate for non-monogamous relationships. Willow Smith, a prominent artist who is openly polyamorous, regularly shares Leanne’s posts to her millions of followers.
Leanne uses her viral memes to raise awareness about polyamory and educate others in a down-to-earth and entertaining way, as well as to create a supportive community for people to bond over their experiences, whether good or bad. She’s definitely not an expert, but loves helping others to explore the lovestyle!

Where can you find Leanne?

Content Creators mentioned in this episode

Content Warnings for this Episode include:

  • Brief mention of eating disorders.
  • Brief mention of mental illness
  • Conversations around racism and racist things that have been said and that have happened to a Black woman
  • Conversations around racism and racist things that have been said to a Chinese woman.
  • Discussion around homophobia and transphobia
Happy PolyDays Day 3: Polyamory and Race with @monogamishpod

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