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Episode 03-08: Single, Black & Polyamorous

On this week’s episode, Jhen talks to Malika Cumbie about being a single, Black polyamorous woman and still being loved while unpartnered.

Who is Malika?

Malika Cumbie

Malika Cumbie (she/they) is a Consent Polyamory educator and Pleasure Activist. She curates events, and is professional cuddler and yoga teacher.
Malika received her 200hr RYT at Sacred Brooklyn, and a Pre-nat certification at Integral Yoga and is also a Birth Doula.

Malika is a cis-queer, pansexual femme who cares deeply about her community. She is a Solo-polyamorous, with relationship anarchist leanings and is always open to discussions around healthy relating. She believes in love without ownership.

A Brooklyn native, a mother, her passions include creating community rooted healing, wellness, removing shame from pleasure, and centering black folks.

She is the owner of NYC Love House which host many events such as Cuddle Puddle, Sex Church, The Poly Bar and Polyamorous meetups and Erotic/bdsm gatherings. All events center the importance of consent, boundaries, & community.

Where can you find Malika?

“Single doesn’t mean that you aren’t loved or that you’re not getting your needs met.”

Malika Cumbie

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