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Episode 03-09: The D/s Poly Dynamic

On this week’s episode, Jhen talks to Cheri’ Calico Roman about living her polyamorous life which includes 5 girlfriends and a D/s dynamic. Jhen also teases about a Patreon bonus episode, Cheri & Jhen make possible kidnapping plans (in a good way) and more about the next episode of the pod.

Who is Cheri’?

Cheri ‘Goddess Chamomile’ Calico

A Philadelphia native; Black polyamorous community organizer, activist and educator Cheri’
Calico Roman
grew up in a community where plural relationships were rooted in marriage and

Having identified as Queer and non-monogamous since the age of 12; Cheri was able to
separate her relational preferences from religious dogma and discovered the black polyamorous
community by way of social media in 2011. She quickly became well known for her candid commentary on dating couples who were new to “opening up” and the self-journey that is at the root of polyamory.

Since then she has co-founded the Poly Cultural Diversity Alliance along with its
cornerstone events; Black Poly Pride (the first pride event to center the black Polyam
experience and the intersections within the LGBTQIA and Kink community) and the virtual event
“Are Black People Allowed?: A Series of Conversations” born from the lack of black
representation at pandemic driven virtual events, munches and conferences.

Cheri is always looking to serve her community and is also the creator of Intuit: By Design a
consulting firm that utilizes her intuitive gifts, business acumen and her studies of Astrology &
Human Design to assist others in unapologetically aligning with their best lives.

Cheri’s so-called-Polyamorous life is deeply enriched by her relationships with her polycule that
consists of 5 girlfriends/life partners and her D/s dynamic with her Sir (Sir Jaxx) and sister in
service Bambi aka Nikki Glaze.

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Episode 03-09: The D/s Poly Dynamic

Tidbits from the episode

  • Cheri and Pages (the most repeated guest on the podcast) have known each other since she was in the 7th grade & Cheri is actually the one who introduced Jhen to Pages
  • Prior to being involved with her Sir, Cheri hadn’t been in a relationship with a man in over 6 years!
  • Cheri is currently long distance with all her partners but they have plans to change that (we’ve also had one of her partners on the pod, can you guess who it is?)
  • Cheri has a sister in service but that term doesn’t quite do it for her…
  • Cheri is her Sir’s Cami
  • Cheri & Pages will actually be featured on the next Patreon episode talking about Human Design which is a rocking good time, let me tell you

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Next episode we will be covering the Metamour Bill of Rights which was created by Chanee Jackson-Kendall & Evita Lavitaloca Sawyers and originally presented at Black Poly Pride 2019.
Can’t wait for you to hear that conversation!

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