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Episode 03-11: I Guess You’re Wondering Where I’ve Been…

On this week’s episode, Jhen is answering the most important question of the year…Girl where the fuck have you been and where are these damn episodes???? She talks Monogamish Pod plans, non-monogamy happening in pop culture and about her event Poly After Dark.

Episode 03-11: I Guess You’re Wondering Where I’ve Been…

Poly After Dark

Something wicked is coming…

Join Chanée and Jhen at Poly After Dark for a night of fun & debauchery this Thursday, March 31, at 9pm ET.
We’re here to talk everything polyamory & answer every question you’ve ever had.

Message @monogamishpod on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for the Zoom Registration link.
Send questions to @workwithchanee on Instagram or @chaneespeaks on Twitter

Donation: $20 sent via CashApp ($haveyoumetjhen) or Venmo (haveyoumetjhen).

Can’t wait to see you there.

Poly After Dark Flyer

Tidbits from the episode:

  • Where has Jhen been?
    • In the damn house hosting guests, working, battling technical difficulties, setting things up & needing a break
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  • Podcast Appearances
  • The social media discourse on Jada/Will and their non-monogamous relationship is disgusting
    • HERE is a link to the thread that Chanée did about it
    • Another great thread on the topic is HERE
  • What to watch in non-monogamy/polyamory on TV:
    • Poly on Roku channel.
      • Find more information and watch it HERE
    • Principles of Pleasure on Netflix features Dirty Lola.
    • Good Trouble continues their Black Polyamorous storyline and I love it.
      • Watch Good Trouble on Freeform or next day on Hulu
  • Save the Date for Poly After Dark! See the Facebook event here
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Happy Spring or Whatever.

– Jhen