Happy 100 Episodes !!!

Episode 01-09: Penny Dreadfuls with Throuples (ft. Katrina Jackson)

For this week’s episode, Jhen recorded alone because Sham was unavailable but she was able to do a lovely interview with author extraordinaire Katrina Jackson to talk about Non-Monogamy and Romance. They also discussed a bit of Katrina’s upcoming work and had a bit of a laugh about wanting to be a scamming sex worker.

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  • RE: Episode title; Penny Dreadfuls were what Jhen’s mom used to call romance novels when she was a kid and she does not know why because that’s not even what Penny Dreadfuls actually even were.
  • In what was supposed to be a brief chat, Jhen ended up sitting with romance author Katrina Jackson for way longer to talk about her work and non-monogamy in romance
  • This interview was recorded in Mid-Dec 2019 over Skype and so there will be some odd time references in there – are we in the past or the future or whatever we are, WE OUTCHEA!
  • Kat’s books about non-monogamy are contained in the following series: Welcome to Seaport, Erotic Accommodations and The Spies Who Loved Me.
  • The book that was referenced about the 2 guys and their gf was Misadventures of a Curvy Girl by Sierra Simone who also wrote a very lovely dirty book called Priest which is definitely worth a read. Jhen also was thinking about Three Way Split by Elia Winters
  • Here is the link for the celebs who married the same person twice
  • Katrina Jackson is on twitter @katrinajax and on instagram @katjacksonbooks. See her Goodreads profile here.

    Next episode, Sham is back and we are going to talk about more books and comics too. Can’t wait to chat. xoxo