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Episode 03-16: A Rowdy Good Time

Welcome back to the party! On this week’s episode, I give you a brief check in, we talk some news and then dive into our guest and his journey which includes a stop in Sexaholics Anonymous.

Episode 03-16 Episode Art

Wanna know more about our guest on this episode?

Rowdy (he/him) has been practicing ethical non monogamy for over 10 years and started before he even knew the proper terminology. He encountered kink 5 years ago and has enjoyed dabbling in impact, group play and the educational aspect of BDSM. He has led several groups in the kinky community, all focused on improving the access to these spaces for the POC community. He currently co-leads Black and Kinky DC, which hosts monthly events at The Crucible in DC, as well as happy hours, spades events and holiday parties.

Where can you find Rowdy?

  • Twitter
  • FetLife: livingmybestlife
    • Send a message with any friend requests

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What’s going on in the world?

  • The Carnival Cruise Brawl is SOMETHING. Read about it HERE.
  • Let’s talk Vabbing I guess? Read more HERE
  • Google Sweat Rice, I’m not going to give that away
  • What is your favourite gender inclusive name for boyfriend/girlfriend?

What did Rowdy and I even talk about?:

  • His path to polyamory was definitely not the smoothest. Serial cheater to polyamorous is a pipeline some people go through though
  • I didn’t even know Sexaholics Anonymous was REALLY a real thing and shout out to Rowdy for highlighting this for me
    • Not being able to masturbate while in Sexaholics Anonymous is WILD to me though. Just saying
  • I figured out that edging thing real fast. I won’t tell you exactly how lol
  • Rowdy’s wife is mono & vanilla and he has 2 other partners
  • Yes, i am still not experiencing compresion in my friendships, it’s fine
  • Rowdy is leading a book club where they are reading More than Two (Yes, he is educated about Franklin Veaux and the problematic behaviour)
  • Yep, Rowdy is gonna write a book y’all
  • And I did absolutely have to ask that question about why he thinks he attracts mostly monogamous women
  • Rowdy is working on compersion in his romantic life and I salute his endeavours
  • We talk about Kink: me as a newbie and him as a not so newbie
  • Join us at The Crucible on July 28 for a Black and Kinky DC event which includes fire & electroplay! View the event HERE
  • I made a Fet & no you don’t get access
  • Rowdy talks more about the Kink events he hosts and what he’s trying to do for the POC community
Episode 03-16 YouTube Video

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