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Episode 03-17: Religion & Polyamory Pt. 1

On this week’s episode, Jhen is speaking to Shams about his South Asian Muslim Identity & Polyamory. This is Part 1 of the conversations around religion and polyamory that will occur during this season of the show.

*To protect Shams’ identity, there was no video of this conversation recorded but the audio will still be available on YouTube*

Episode 03-17: Religion & Polyamory Pt. 1

Wanna know more about our guest on this episode?

Shams (he/him/his) is an educator, sexuality and gender advocate and multi-disciplinary artist. He identifies as Muslim, South Asian and Non-monogamous/Polyamorous. He has cis-het privilege, male privilege, WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich & democratic) privilege, able bodied, able speech, and many other privileges he continues to uncover. Shams is on a mission to normalize comprehensive sex education in Muslim and South Asian communities. His work often meets at the intersection of mental health, consent education, unwrapping toxic masculinity, healing generational trauma and empowerment through sexual pleasure. 

I would like to firstly acknowledge that I am an uninvited settler on stolen, unceded land. The location for this podcast is taking place on the territory Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, the Anishnabe and the Ho-do-no-sau-nee. I am grateful to Indigenous communities for their knowledge, education, and providing a safe haven for my family and many South Asian immigrant families to start a new life in.

Shams, July 2022 on Episode 03-17 of Monogamish Pod

Where can you find Shams?

Tidbits from the Episode

  • Shams is based in Toronto and currently has 1 anchor partner
  • Shams’ family does not know that he is polyamorous
  • Jhen and Shams have a discussion about boundaries in BIPOC communities with family members and how it doesn’t look the same as the boundaries white people have with their family
  • Jhen and Shams discuss kink and Jhen makes a vulnerable share about why she doesn’t practice certain types of kink (CW for self harm. Timestamp: 42:17-43:44)
  • The DMs ARE OPEN so feel free to hit on Shams. There are no photos but take Jhen’s word for it, he is cute.

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Religion & Polyamory Pt. 1 YouTube Video

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