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Episode 03-18: Paid In Full?

On this week’s episode, Jhen and Chaneè are back together again to discuss their experiences with COVID-19 and ask some hard hitting questions about what content people REALLY want to consume in the Black polyamorous community.

*All feedback from this episode is welcome, feel free to reach out to Jhen & Chaneè via their social media handles or by sending an email directly to monogamishpod@gmail.com.*

Episode 03-18: Paid In Full? Episode Art

Wanna know more about our guest on this episode?

Chaneè Jackson-Kendall (she/her) is a Black polyamorous educator, speaker, activist, and event planner. A 35 year old native Atlantan, she lives in a western suburb of Atlanta with her partners & coparents. She is the proud Mama of the most adorable seven year old in the world. She has openly identified as non-monogamous for over a decade. Chaneè discovered the online polyamorous community in 2012 and has been an active, and often outspoken member ever since. As the owner of several small businesses, she brings an entrepreneurial spirit to everything she does. She is the Co-Founder of the Poly Cultural Diversity Alliance & Black Poly Pride . She is devoted to polyamorous education, outreach, and activism. Chaneè is passionate about normalizing polyamory as a relationship orientation or relationship choice. During the pandemic, the PCDA Team  has hosted a series of virtual events entitled “Are Black People Allowed” as an avenue for connecting Black polyamorous people during this time when large scale in-person events remain inaccessible. 

Where to find Chaneè:

Chaneè’s previous episodes

Chaneè Jackson-Kendall

Tidbits from the Episode

  • Jhen and Chaneè start out by discussing their covid experiences and recovery
  • Exciting Announcement: Chaneè is putting on a conference in 2023! More details to come!
  • Jhen and Chaneè muse about whether or not it will be safe to gather and travel.
  • Key Questions:
    • We wanna know what content people actually want to see being made in/around the Black polyamorous community? What content do you find valuable
    • What content are you willing to actually pay for? Virtual content only? In person experiences? Hybrid? What is it?
    • Do you not pay for polyamorous content at all?
    • Why don’t you financially support creators whose work you enjoy for free?

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That’s all folks.
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– Jhen