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Episode 03-20: The Knotty House

On this week’s episode, Jhen is talking to The Founding Four of The Knotty House, a a Black, Femme-founded, Femme-focused, non-traditional BDSM house. We talk rope, kink, what made them want to start The Knotty House and their November 12 event.

Episode 03-20: The Knotty House

Wanna know more about our guest on this episode?

The Knotty House is a Black, Femme-founded, Femme-focused, non-traditional BDSM house, led by The Founding Four (Knotty Lotus, Alley Cat, Plush Bunnie, Neffie Khaos), centered on Blackness, rope bondage, body diversity, education, and pleasure. The Knotty House’s vision is to cultivate a more diverse representation in the BDSM community, especially for those who participate in the art of rope bondage. Our mission is to promote the representation of Black people, diverse bodies, and diverse genders in the rope bondage community; to foster a community among Black Rope Tops and Rope bottoms; to provide education to those seeking to learn best practices from Black femme Rope Tops and Rope bottoms; and to promote a space where The Knotty House members collectively engage in educational opportunities to further their craft. Anytime you engage with The Knotty House you can expect to GET TAUGHT, GET TIED, and GET TURNED ON.  

The Founding Four from L-R: Alley Cat (she/her), Neffie Khaos (she/her), Plush Bunnie (she/her), Knotty Lotus (she/her)

Where to find The Knotty House:

Tidbits from the Episode

  • Alley Cat was unable to join this week’s episode but we will hopefully get to sit down with her another time
  • Knotty Lotus floated the idea of the house to the other members of the founding four and had to let them know she wasn’t high first lol
  • The Knotty House and their events are for BIPOC people exclusively but there are opportunities for non-BIPOC people to get involved via donations and purchasing classes, etc
  • The support from the BIPOC kink community has been fantastic!
  • Suspensions coming soon from Neffie Khaos and Alley Cat.
  • Neffie also crochets! Fun facts!
  • Their next event is on November 12, 2022 and is called Shibari & Smores. Sadly it’s already sold out but don’t worry, they have more events planned next year.

Selecting your rope is a very personal journey.”

Knotty Lotus, Episode 03-20: The Knotty House

Rope Starter Kit:

  • 3-4 hanks of 30ft rope
  • EMT/Surgeon Scissors
  • Books/Videos/Classes about rope taught by professionals

People to Check out to learn more about Rope:

Some Types of Rope:

  • Jute
  • MFP
  • Hemp
  • Bamboo
  • Nylon
  • Posh
  • Cotton

Where can you buy rope?

Knotty House fave rope to use:

  • Neffie Khaos
    • Jute, her 1st
    • Nylon for the neon colors
    • MFP & Jute to tie others
  • Plush Bunnie:
    • Jute is her number 1
    • Posh is a close second
  • Knotty Lotus:
    • Self tie is Jute
    • Tying others is golden brown MFP

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– Jhen

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