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Episode 03-22: Intentionally Polyamorous

On this week’s episode, Jhen brings Chaneè Jackson-Kendall back to the pod to talk about building intentionally polyamorous lives and the Intentional Polyamory cohort starting on January 8, 2023.

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Wanna know more about our guest on this episode?

Chaneè Jackson-Kendall (she/her) is a Black polyamorous educator, speaker, activist, and event planner. She is the founder of Intentional Polyamory, an educational organization dedicated to intentionally creating polyamorous lives.
A 34 year old native Atlantan, she lives in a western suburb of Atlanta with her partners & coparents. She is the proud Mama of the most adorable six year old in the world. She has openly identified as non-monogamous for over a decade. Chaneè discovered the online polyamorous community in 2012 and has been an active, and often outspoken member ever since. As the owner of several small businesses, she brings an entrepreneurial spirit to everything she does. She is the Co-Founder of the Poly Cultural Diversity Alliance & Black Poly Pride. She volunteers her time to polyamorous education, outreach, and activism. Chaneè is passionate about normalizing polyamory as a relationship orientation or relationship choice. During the pandemic; as part of the PCDA team; she has hosted a series of virtual events entitled “Are Black People Allowed”; as an avenue for connecting Black polyamorous people during a time when in-person connection was imprudent.

Where to find Chaneè:

Chaneè’s previous episodes

Registration opens on November 30, 2022! Limited slots available.

Find out more information on the cohort at bit.ly/polyamonpurpose

Use code: monogamishpod25 to get $25 off the cohort registration!

Tidbits from the episode

  • There is no one size fits all for Polyamory BUT it is a practice and there are successful ways of going about things
  • Chaneè has done 2 IG lives with Jess of Remodeled Love talking about how to build
  • What defines a successful relationship? Longevity? Can you have been polyamorous for 10+ years and have not had a single relationship last more than 1 year?
  • Plush Bunnie was featured on Episode 03-20: The Knotty House and she has been shaking the table in the polyamorous interwebs asking some DOPE questions:
    • Can you be solo poly and married?
    • Can you be RA and married?
  • Amatonormativitythe belief that “everyone is better off in an exclusive, romantic, long-term coupled relationship. It also suggests that romantic relationships are more important than other platonic relationships like with your friends, family, and coworkers.
  • Mononormativityrefers to society’s standard of monogamy, the practice of emotional and sexual commitment to one individual as the norm for engaging in romantic relationships
  • Solo Polyamory – refers to people who are open to dating or engaging in multiple meaningful relationships without having a ‘primary partner’: one person to whom they’re committed above all other partners. Instead, the solo polyamorist might see themselves as their own primary partner, eschewing typical relationship goals, like merging finances or homes with a partner, and getting married and having children. 
  • Relationship AnarchyRelationship anarchy is the application of anarchist principles to intimate relationships. Its values include autonomy, anti-hierarchical practices, anti-normativity, and community interdependence. RA is explicitly anti-amatonormative and anti-mononormative and is commonly, but not always, non-monogamous.
  • Always ask people to define the terms that they are using because how you use the term to describe your relationships, might not be the same way they do.
    • Eg: Some people define partner as a boyfriend/girlfriend/joyfriend, some use the term only to refer to someone they are married to, some use the term in a way that only refers to people they are in romantic relationships with AND some use the term just to describe people (platonic and otherwise) that are a part of their intimate circle.
  • Pillars of Intentional Polyamory cohort:
    • Solo Skills
    • Relational Culture
    • Information Sharing
    • Community

We lost someone in the Black polyamorous community and it has been a tough pill to swallow.

Sherri was one of those people who was always at the Are Black People Allowed? events that Black Poly Pride and the PCDA put on in the beginning of the pandemic.

She was such a lovely human and I was lucky to share space with her and get to have conversations about love and life as a Black polyamorous person in the US.

I would love it if we could come together and support her family in this time of grief and need to help cover her funeral expenses.

Please Donate to the Gofundme here if you can.

RIP Sherri

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It’s about to be 100!

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