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Glossary of Terms

  • Eve Rickert and Franklin Veaux have a book called “More Than Two” which is a fantastic resource when starting your non-monogamous journey. There are some problematic elements to this book, including the issues with Franklin Veaux himself but overall it is a book that I know has helped a lot of people
    On their site, they list a glossary of terms which we will share the link to here and we think it is vital for navigating the lifestyle.
  • A personalised definition of Solo Polyamory (SoPo) can be found here
  • Here is a very confusing chart you will have noticed from the show notes for Episode 1 but it is vital I believe to seeing some definitions of different types of Non-Monogamy.

**This list is by no means the only one that exists and as time changes and language evolves, some of these terms could be outdated. Please ensure to do research from reputable sources if you want to dive deeper and ask any questions.